Wrap Up

Wrap Up

We are wrapping up Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester. Donate a coat from 9th - 22nd November.

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A very warm thank you!

This year, your generous donations to our Wrap Up campaign kept 29,033 people warm this winter.

You donated your spare winter coats to Human Appeal, helping us to support 28 local charities which care for people who are homeless, escaping domestic violence, reliant on foodbanks, or refugees.

Download our 2020 Wrap Up report to find out about how we adapted to COVID-19, and to how your coats have made life easier for some of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

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Do something warm this winter

It’s back for the 5th year running. In partnership with Hands On London, we’re spreading the warmth by wrapping up Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester.

So, if you have an old winter coat to spare, now’s your chance to hand it over to someone who really needs it.

Wrap Up is an award-winning winter campaign. You hand over your spare winter coat and we re-home it to charities that support the homeless, refugees, children living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence. Simple. We’re into one thing only – keeping people warm. We’re wrapping up safely too by working hard to make sure everything about Wrap Up is completely COVID-19 safe.

No-contact donations. Drop off your coat(s) whilst you’re out for essential travel, at the Human Appeal container at one of the participating Safestore storage centres, which have COVID-19 safety measures in place.

Do something warm this winter.

Donate a coat from 9th - 22nd November

Last year’s achievements

Coats collected

Coats collected


29,033 coats were collected in London, Manchester, Birmingham & Glasgow.

Volunteer hours

Volunteer hours


242.5 hours were given by our volunteers, collecting and sorting coats.

Charities supported

Charities supported


30 charities were supported across Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester.

How to donate your coat

This year, we need men’s, women’s, and children’s coats - especially men’s coats – so we can help keep Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester warm. You can hand your coat over at one of the drop off points below in November and we’ll re-home it in the following weeks.

Where to donate

Drop off your coat(s) at one of the participating Safestore storage centres from 9th - 22nd November.

Please note we cannot accept coats after the drop off date. We also do not accept fur or any other clothing items other than coats.

Wrap Up Family

Other ways to be warm

Volunteer with us

Getting involved in Wrap Up as a volunteer will warm your heart! Please email our team at volunteers@humanappeal.org.uk to find out more.

Host a collection

Whether it’s at your school, place of work, place of worship, favourite club, local store, or your neighbourhood, why not host your own collection?

Share the warmth

Share our Wrap Up posts on your social media, or write your own using our campaign hashtags #WrapUpMCR #WrapUpBrum #WrapUpGlasgow #WrapUpLeics

Donate money

If you’re still too attached to your old winter coat, we understand. Maybe you’ll hand it over next year? In the meantime, please show your warmth by donating £3 instead.

Donate now

Wrap Up Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester is brought to you by Human Appeal in partnership with Hands on London.

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