Gaza Emergency Appeal

Teenage boy in a make shift shelter background

Gaza’s constant conflict has put thousands of lives in danger. You can provide emergency aid to help.

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The people of Palestine desperately need your help

Recent gunfire within a protest in the besieged Gaza strip has left at least 134 Palestinians wounded. Still recovering from the deaths and thousands of injuries from previous protests on March 30th, not to mention the already ongoing conflict in Gaza, the grieving and suffering of these vulnerable people has only increased.

Till date, more than 750,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their towns and villages and are struggling to survive without access to essential services, such as clean water and healthcare. 96% of water from Gaza’s only aquifer is unfit for human consumption, causing serious illnesses.

You can make a difference and bring satisfaction to people who have lived through war and are constantly suffering.

That’s why we’ve restored and rebuilt thirteen mosques that were damaged in the conflict and provided food and warm clothes throughout the winter. Now, we need your help to continue saving lives.

You can improve livelihoods and bring hope to those whose suffering is increasing day by day. Donate to support Palestinians today.

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Gaza’s ongoing conflict is increasing the death toll rapidly

The situation in Gaza has consistently been brutal and recent demonstrations has sparked more clashes. Just over 100 people have been killed and thousands wounded. With the ongoing conflict, these numbers are expected to increase. Please help us reach to the victims of such brutality. These vulnerable people are in need of medical aid and other necessities. This is a very difficult time for the people in Gaza, let’s reach to their call as swiftly as possible.

Human Appeal's Work in Gaza and the West Bank

In the last year Human Appeal has helped almost 300,000 people in Palestine. From renovating parts of al-Aqsa Mosque, to providing flood-lighting to allow people to attend the mosque safely. We provided warm clothes to children in Gaza over the winter, and we are now working to improve the water sources in Rafah, which will benefit 25,000 people.

This year, we have helped:

  • 290,982 people in total.
  • 6,141 sponsored orphans.
  • 56,978 people with food during Ramadan and Qurbani.

  • 14,700 people with food vouchers in Gaza.
  • 200,000 people provided access to 13 rebuilt and rehabilitated mosques in Gaza.
  • 503 people were given winter kits and 100 Palestinians were provided with blankets at the Rafah border.

By donating, you can help Palestinians recover from the devastation of war, and help them cope with the hardship of life in Gaza and the West Bank.

3 of Tareq's children with shelter behind them

Tareq's Story

Tareq Al Almodi’s family of six live in Gaza. Their home is a rickety, makeshift shelter, held together by nylon and wood. They have no kitchen or bathroom. No doors and windows. No food or safe water to drink or bathe in. They have lived like this for over 13 years.

Every day is a struggle for survival. The house is not safe or secure. Reptiles, insects and stray dogs enter the living space on a regular basis. Sadly, a dog recently got in and attacked Tareq’s youngest son.

Tareq, being in poor health, is unable to work and provide for his family. He has suffered with kidney stones for a long time due to drinking contaminated water. Every day of the holy month, he hopes and prays a kind neighbour will give his children and wife something to eat

Since the 2014 conflict, many families in Palestine remain displaced and are struggling to survive in dire conditions, without food or clean, running water.

95% of the water from Gaza’s sole aquifer is unfit for human consumption and causing serious illnesses. Families now rely on expensive drinking water from unregulated vendors, putting the health of their families at even greater risk.

Tareq’s family are six more precious human beings we can help in Palestine. We can lift them and empower them. By doing so, we can lift ourselves.

So, let’s support Tareq. Let’s be the difference. Together we can make life better for his family.