Gaza Emergency Appeal

Father pulling his children out from the rubble

Gaza is at breaking point. Our team is on the ground responding to hospitals’ medical needs in order to save as many lives as possible.

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Gaza Emergency Appeal

''Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved all mankind.'' (Quran 5: 32)

£250 can provide shelter for one family for one month.

£200 can provide lifesaving medical assistance to an injured person.

£100 provides vital emergency medical aid, including disposables and essential medicines

£50 Can provide psychosocial assistance for one child affected by the fighting

Missile attacks on Gaza in the latest escalation this winter have killed 34 people and injured 111, including 46 children.

In one home, an entire family-of-eight was shelled at night, killing them in their beds.

The recent attacks have caused over £2 million worth of damage. Farmland, greenhouses, livestock, and fisheries were damaged or destroyed, and over 500 homes were fully or partially destroyed.

A fragile ceasefire is holding, but the damage has already been done to Gaza’s already overstretched heath system, in which staff are overworked, and a third of medical supplies are out of stock.

The ongoing blockade, spiralling unemployment and recent violent escalations have pushed Gaza to the brink. The UN predicted that Gaza could become unliveable by 2020. Over half of Gazans do not have enough food to eat and three-quarters rely on humanitarian help to survive. Fishermen and farmers face restricted access to land and sea, making it hard to make a living.

A third of essential medicines are out of stock and a staggering 97% of water is undrinkable. Gaza's hospitals are already under severe pressure due to shortages and a lack of medical supplies, but the recent attacks are now placing a high burden on the hospitals to cope with their current patients and the expected influx of casualties.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has called on the United Nations and aid agencies to offer urgent and immediate support.

Help us to support the most vulnerable people by providing medicine and tools to support hospitals and health care centres across Gaza. Save a life and save all of mankind.

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Introducing Every Human

We’re thrilled to introduce our new monthly newsletter, Every Human. This December 2019 issue, we’re coming to you from Palestine.

Read behind-the-scenes first-hand stories from local staff, experts and from the people you’ve helped with your donations.

Download Every Human December to find out exactly what has been going on in Palestine, from Palestinians.

It’s new, fresh, and you won’t want to miss it.

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Human Appeal’s work in Gaza and the West Bank

Human Appeal is currently providing vital equipment for intensive care units and operating rooms, as well as renovating the CT Department at Shifa Hospital and establishing desalination plants for three major hospitals.

Human Appeal has been working across Gaza and the West Bank for over 10 years, running programmes to alleviate the suffering as the conflict continues. Last year alone, we helped over 300,000 people by providing lifesaving emergency aid and crucial health, shelter, food, livelihood, water, hygiene and sanitation support.

The difference we made in 2018

  • We installed a water desalination plant at Al Aqsa University, providing 70,000 litres of safe drinking water every day; benefiting more than 13,000 students and staff members daily.
  • We improved the eyesight and tooth recovery of over 20,000.
  • We supported over 300 Palestinian families by providing them with cash food vouchers.

  • We improved the housing conditions of 12 local houses across the Gaza Strip, enabling 93 vulnerable people to now live in a safe and healthy environment.
  • We helped to improve the lives of 9,000 people through our family sponsorship and livelihoods project.
  • We provided toys and recreational activities to 50 children with cancer and kidney problems and 450 orphans.

Our continued work on the ground in Gaza, ensures that your donations reach those in greatest need. Support our  Gaza Emergency Appeal to help save more innocent lives.


One note from the heart

Assalamu Alaykum, “I am Maryam and I’m 14 years old. I live at the Beach Refugee Camp in Gaza with a 14-member-family. Painting is my favourite hobby. I love my cat. Her name is Fofo and she is my friend. I love playing and I like studying hard. I dream to become a doctor when I get old.

Dad is a fisherman. Sometimes I go with him to help. I feel happy when I see the sea. I feel freedom. Dad has a small fishing boat. He can’t sail deep in the sea for fishing. The fishing area is too small [due to restrictions]. That’s why my family doesn’t have enough income and we mostly depend on aid.

From time to time, there is a scary war. I am afraid of losing someone from my family. I have lived through three difficult wars and I’m always scared of another one. Unfortunately, it’s become part of our life.

Getting water is difficult. Tap water, which is undrinkable, is mostly cut off. It’s salty and not clean. My brother goes, every day, to fill a gallon from a water unit in a nearby mosque. Electricity is mostly cut off. Our home turns dark as soon as the sun sets.

When I was born, they discovered that I have renal failure. I was born with one kidney. Dad and mum tried to donate a kidney for me, but doctors said the tissues didn’t match. I started getting kidney dialysis treatment when I was six. It is so exhausting to go to the hospital for dialysis treatment. It affects my progress at school. Alhamdulillah, I only go once a week now.

Dialysis machines provided by Human Appeal helped me and many other patients get the treatment we need. Without such help, our life would be even harder. I hope you will remember me with your prayers and remember the people of Palestine, who love you because you stood by them. I really thank you from my heart.”

Let’s be one. Unite with us to help the people of Gaza.