Gaza in crisis

Lady in Gaza submerged in water

Families in Gaza are overwhelmed by the blockade, which restricts access to clean water, electricity, sanitation, and livelihoods. Support marginalised families in Gaza this Ramadan and multiply your rewards. Change starts here.

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Human right denied. Suffering without healthcare and safe water

Those who spend their wealth [in Allah 's way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2:274)

£5 - Ensure children receive an education amid the energy crisis in Palestine by providing solar panels in schools to power lights, computers, and water systems.

£6 - Improve the sanitation facilities and reduce water contamination by supporting a new wastewater network.

£1,500 – Provide clean water to 100 people in Rafah, helping us to build a desalination plant that will provide 60,000 people with fresh water every day.

£2,700 – Enable a vulnerable Palestinian to farm large quantities of quality vegetables and fish by providing them with an aquaponic farm.

Abandoned and forgotten. This Ramadan, the most vulnerable Palestinians are struggling to cope with the blockade.

It has left 97% of water in Gaza undrinkable, leaves homes, clinics, and schools with power cuts of up to 20 hours.

The lack 35% of Gaza’s most fertile land and 85% of its fishing waters are inaccessible because of the blockade. Water is scarce, and when it’s available it’s polluted, and farmers have had to abandon many popular crops which require large amounts of clean water.

This Ramadan, your donations will support those who have been marginalised by the devastating blockade on Gaza. You can provide solar panels in school, so that children can study during power cuts, or connect forgotten families to the wastewater network. You can also help to fight the effects of the water crisis by providing a vulnerable farmer with an aquaponic, water-conserving farm, or by supporting our desalination plant in Rafah.

A water crisis that kills

Some 2.1 million people – the entire population of Gaza – are at risk of waterborne diseases, such as kidney failure, dehydration, and fatal diarrheal disease. The single biggest killer of children in Gaza is drinking contaminated water.

The lack of clean water in Gaza has devastating knock-on effects: it makes it difficult to halt the spread of COVID-19, it forces families to spend an average of 1/3 of their income just on water, and it has made it all but impossible for farmers to make a decent living.

Change starts here. This Ramadan you can be the change that a vulnerable family needs. Help us to provide clean water, a low-water aquaponic farm, solar panels in schools, and install a wastewater network to marginalised families.

Human Appeal has been working in Gaza for 30 years, providing food, water, medical care, and livelihood training.

In this month of compassion, be the change that the world needs, and reap the multiplied reward of Ramadan.

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Why give through Human Appeal?

We’ve been working in Palestine for 30 years. Our staff aren’t parachuted in, they’re local, and they understand local needs. Our long familiarity with suppliers, protocols and urgent response means that we can buy the best quality supplies at the most affordable price, helping your donations to be even more impactful.

When you donate to Palestine with Human Appeal, you’re empowering local, skilled staff to support the most vulnerable among them, supported by our specialist protection and emergency teams at headquarters, who have 30 years’ experience.

Our work so far

Our supporters continue to help 4,738 orphaned children in the West Bank and Gaza. In 2020, you helped us to support a massive 2,442,801 people in Palestine through projects that provided clean water, medicines, and food security.

Our recent work includes building a desalination plant for 15,000 people at Al Aqsa University, supporting over 3,000 children through winter in Gaza, and helping to fight the critical medical crisis by providing 10,000 medicines.

Without change, Palestinians cannot survive. Please be the change they need now.

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