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Gaza Family Food Parcel - Double Your Donations

Gaza Family Food Parcel - Double Your Donations

Gaza Family Food Parcel - Double Your Donations

Help us deliver more meals in Gaza

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said: ‘The best of you are those who feed others.’

£65 – DOUBLE YOUR DONATION - Provide a month-long food parcel to a family.

100% donation - remember to tick the Gift Aid box at the checkout. This will ensure 100% of your donation goes directly to Palestinian families in need.

After nearly 7 months of conflict, 1.1 million Palestinians are facing catastrophic hunger and have no access to basic foods.

More than 90% of young children and pregnant and breastfeeding women are surviving on 2 or fewer food groups. 28 children, many of them under 12 months old, have died of malnutrition, and 1 in 3 children under the age of 2 are acutely malnourished.

Double-Up to provide more meals

We promised to deliver 20,000 double-up food parcels in Gaza, and we’ve delivered 12,747 so far, thanks to your support.

Make a bigger impact today by donating a double-up food parcel. For every £65 food parcel you donate, which makes 60 meals, we’ll provide another food parcel, providing the family with 120 meals.

Trust Human Appeal to deliver

Since October 7th, thanks to your donations, we’ve supported 1,537,534 people in Gaza. We’ve served 551,726 hot meals and provided 12,747 double-up food parcels.

We’ve flown 8 planes carrying 240 tons of aid into Egypt for Gaza. 210,930 people have received food parcels, 24,510 people have received fresh vegetable parcels and 19,660 people have received tanks of fresh drinking water.

65,000 Palestinians have benefited from medicine and medical supplies that we provided to Gaza hospitals and through our mobile clinic in Rafah, while 96,070 people have benefited from our hygiene kits.

We’ve also provided 150 waterproof and fireproof family tents, benefiting 1,500 people in total. 2,431 children, women and men have been provided with clothing and 1,255 people have received warm blankets.

30,000 Palestinians have also received clean drinking water from our desalination plant, which is still delivering clean, fresh water in southern Gaza.

Our lifesaving work in Gaza

Since October 7th, our committed local team has been working in Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid daily, risking their own lives to help fellow Palestinians.

Altogether, we’ve been working in Palestine for over 32 years, providing critical support to communities. Our in-depth experience has allowed us to respond swiftly and effectively to the current crisis.

Your continued support will allow us to reach our target of providing 20,000 food parcels. Please donate today and we will double-up to provide an extra food parcel and more meals to a family in need.

Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or programme that you select. In the event we complete the programme, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another programme where it is needed most. Please note that items in Gaza are subject to change regularly; in the event that we cannot secure specific items, we will instruct for items that are very similar.



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