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Over 13 million people in Syria need help. Be the one to make a difference.

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Help to save and change lives in Syria

The first revelation of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) required him to “Read in the name of the Lord… who taught man through the use of pen what he did not know.” (Al-Alaq, 96:1,4,5).

There are 3.6 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Before the war, 99% of Syrians had primary education, and 82% had attended lower secondary school. Today, over 2 million Syrian children are out of school, and Syria’s previous record of education has been shattered.

Almost 70% of Syrians live in areas where water infrastructure is dysfunctional, and where there is not always enough clean water. Four million people urgently need assistance – most of them are children, who are even more likely to contract diarrhoea or waterborne diseases.

Education, Water and Health for All

Support our education project in Turkey, and help Syrian children to continue their schooling, despite the violence, trauma and displacement they have witnessed.

It is also a chance to double your impact as, our partner, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) will match any donations that you provide.

Our schooling project in southern Turkey aims to support, recover and enhance the learning experiences of 20,000 Syrian children in 34 public schools in Osmaniye and Kahramanmaraş.

This Ramadan, one donation can also help us to provide hygienic water facilities to Syrian school children who are trying to adapt to their new lives. Help us to ease their difficulties and multiply your rewards this Ramadan.

Your support will help us to install 25 water tanks with chlorination systems in 20 primary schools, providing hygienic washing points with soap, protected water catchment areas, and training to 5,469 students and staff.

We will also install 25 latrines in each school, and provide latrine-cleaning soaps and detergents.

£150 provides a child with quality education for two academic years

£300 provides two children with quality education for two academic years

£35 provides one student or teacher with access to improved sanitation facilities at their school.

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Human Appeal is helping to provide children with a quality education in Idleb, Aleppo and Turkey, benefiting a total of 26,600 children, while our safe water solutions are improving conditions for thousands of children, young people and teachers.

Human Appeal's Work in Syria

Human Appeal has helped 8,124,658 Syrian people since the devastating conflict began, 8 years ago.

Your generous donations have helped us to:

  • In 2018 alone, we treated 19,523 children and 15,042 women, delivering over 1,930 babies and screening 32,387 children for malnutrition.

  • We provided 71,800 people in Syria with vital health and nutritional care.

  • We partnered with UNICEF to provide over 1,000 schools with vital educational and learning materials.

  • We transformed the life of a badly injured young girl caught up in the ongoing Syria conflict, by providing a pioneering artificial limb.

  • During Ramadan 2018, we delivered 4,000 food parcels to over 24,000 people, in partnership with the Islamic Welfare Association. We also distributed 1,784 toys for affected children.

  • We helped provide 64 of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugee families in Syria with emergency shelter.

  • Last year, your donations continued to repair and maintain the Dar al Salaam centre for Syrian widows and orphans in Turkey, as well as providing clothing suitable for summer and winter to 178 people. We are helping new residents to enrol in school, providing them with uniforms books and transport to their new schools. We also provided counselling sessions to help residents deal with the trauma they faced in Syria.

  • We helped provide 64 of the most vulnerable Palestinian refugee families in Syria with emergency shelter.

  • Since 2013, we distributed 53,300 tonnes of flour to bakeries across Aleppo, Idlib and Hama.

  • We provided 2,082,370 hungry people with nutritious food.

  • We provided healthcare to nearly 150,000 sick and wounded people.

Our ongoing Syria Emergency Appeal continues to ensure that as many lives are saved as possible.

small boy called Jaward

Samira's Struggle

Samira and her family of 10 fled Aleppo in 2011 at the start of the Syria conflict. They’ve been living in a cramped refugee camp in Lebanon ever since.

Sadly, Samira’s son, Jawad, has not spoken since the first bombings in Aleppo, which happened near the family home. He was just two years old. Too young to understand what was happening, yet he went into a shock, and never recovered.

Seven years later, Jawad is still afraid when he sees new people. He never plays. Never laughs. He communicates with his family using signs. Samira wishes her son could speak and attend school. Yet the everyday struggle of trying to feed her family and trying to access medical help is challenging enough.

Samira prays for a normal life. She dreams she will one day see her son talking and laughing. But like many Syrian refugees in Lebanon, her hope is fading.

With countless lives lost and no end to the war in sight, the Syria conflict, now in its eight year, is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Half the country – more than 11 people – have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Our faith is needed now more than ever.

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