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Believe In the People of Syria


The people of Syria are suffering under continuous conflict

Syria have been at war for over seven years, with no end in sight. The Syrian conflict is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of this century, with a death toll nearing half a million and over 13 million in desperate need of aid, including five million children.

The Battle of Mosul was the largest military operation since Second World War. Although the operation ended in July 2017, it left the city completely devastated and 800,000 residents are still displaced in surrounding areas.

The crisis is far from over. Over 8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 4 million children. As many as two million displaced Iraqis are expected to return to their homes in 2018, but many families are unable to get home without help. They need food, healthcare and shelter. And those who have lost the breadwinner need help in securing livelihoods and returning to education.

You can help those who have been left most vulnerable by the conflict by donating towards our Iraq projects. Your donations could have a huge impact on the lives of these innocent civilians. Please donate to our projects today.

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Help a Syrian Family This Ramadan

Vulnerable families who have fled from bombs and bullets are in urgent need of shelter, food, clean water and medicine. Many people we meet are traumatised by the horrors they have witnessed.

This Ramadan, you can support Syrians both at home, in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

Human Appeal's Work in Syria

Human Appeal has been helping people in Syria since this devastating humanitarian crisis began in 2011. In total, we have helped a total of 2,326,038 people in Syria.

Your generous donations have helped us to:

  • Manage a camp in Deir Hassan, Idlib, providing shelter, drainage systems and a womens’ washing block.
  • Support two women’s and children’s hospitals in Aleppo and Idlib, providing free healthcare to up to 100,000 people.
  • Provide over 2 million hungry people with nutritious food.
  • Supply over 45,000 tonnes of flour to Syrian bakeries.
  • Provide healthcare to nearly 150,000 sick and wounded people.

  • Distribute shelter essentials, mattresses and blankets to over 200,000 people.
  • Help more than 7,000 homeless civilians to access clean water and safe hygiene and sanitation facilities.
  • Provide education to over 37,000 children in Syria and Turkey.
  • Screen pregnant and nursing mothers to catch and prevent child malnutrition.
  • Provide urgent medical care through mobile clinics, vaccination centres and a specialist nutrition team. - We have also provided education to almost 36,000 children in camps, and food and medical care for 23,000 people, with funding from UNICEF.
  • Over winter, we helped 7,100 displaced people in Syria to survive sub-zero temperatures through a camp management project funded by OCHA.
small boy called Jaward

Believe in Samira

Samira and her family of 10 fled Aleppo in 2011 at the start of the Syria conflict. They’ve been living in a cramped refugee camp in Lebanon ever since.

Sadly, Samira’s son, Jawad, has not spoken since the first bombings in Aleppo, which happened near the family home. He was just two years old. Too young to understand what was happening, yet he went into a shock, and never recovered.

Seven years later, Jawad is still afraid when he sees new people. He never plays. Never laughs. He communicates with his family using signs. Samira wishes her son could speak and attend school. Yet the everyday struggle of trying to feed her family and trying to access medical help is challenging enough.

Samira prays for a normal life. She dreams she will one day see her son talking and laughing. But like many Syrian refugees in Lebanon, her hope is fading.

With countless lives lost and no end to the war in sight, the Syria conflict, now in its eight year, is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Half the country – more than 11 people – have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Our faith is needed now more than ever.

Let’s believe for Samira and Jawad. Let’s be the difference. Together we can make life better - one family at a time

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