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Al - Imaan Hospital Appeal

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih Muslim)

£100 can help us to continue to provide critical media care in Syria.

Al - Imaan Hospital crisis update

Following heavy shelling and bombing, Al - Imaan Hospital in rural Aleppo has been forced to close. Human Appeal has evacuated all patients, some of whom were injured by shrapnel, to other health facilities.

Human Appeal is devastated that a medical facility that has saved thousands of lives was targeted in this attack. This is the fiftieth attack on a Syrian hospital this year, and the third time that Al - Imaan has been bombed.

But we are determined to continue providing medical care to Syrians. We are currently looking at a number of hospitals that need support, so we can continue to provide the life – saving care our cherished Al - Imaan Hospital offered within the coming weeks. For the past five years, our generous supporters have saved lives through their support of Al - Imaan Hospital, which prioritises care for vulnerable mothers and children. In the past eight months alone, 115,389 people were treated at the hospital.

In all, with Human Appeal’s support, Al Imaan Hospital has:

  • delivered 1,725 babies
  • provided consultations for 9,876 children under five
  • admitted 2,344 women and children
  • trained 15 care workers
  • immunised 9,988 children
  • provided life-saving nutritional care to 21,419 children

The devastating damage to the hospital has placed even more pressure on limited healthcare resources in Syria, leaving millions of people without life-saving care, including trauma survivors, the war-wounded, those living with chronic diseases, and especially nursing mothers, pregnant women, and babies, who are are vulnerable to disease and malnutrition.

Syrians have endured over eight years of war. 13.2 million people need health assistance, but millions lack access to it. Due to the ongoing targeting of medical facilities and staff shortages, only about half of Syria’s health facilities are fully functional. In total, a staggering 11.7 million people need humanitarian assistance.

How you can help

There is a desperate need for ongoing medical care. Human Appeal still needs support for our continuing medical support, as we look to open Al Imaan Hospital in a new location in the coming weeks.

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