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Al Imaan Hospital Appeal

Al Imaan Hospital’s medicines were intended to last three months, but they’re about to run out as we continue to treat displaced women and children in Idlib.

Just £135 can provide critical care to nine vulnerable people, providing them with life-saving nutrition treatment, emergency surgery, or support for extreme winter conditions.

A staggering 235,000 Syrians are fleeing heavy bombing in Idlib. Many have sought treatment in our Al Imaan Hospital, which has recently reopened in Sarmada, Idlib. In just two weeks, our hospital has treated 779 people, and delivered 72 babies. The most vulnerable Syrians who have fled their homes under airstrikes critically depend on our hospital for urgent care.

Our hospital in Aleppo was bombed in August, and forced to shut. Today, our new hospital urgently needs your help to buy medicines to treat people fleeing airstrikes.

Returning healthcare to northern Syria

We can’t do it without you. Al Imaan Hospital had only just re-opened when the recent escalation happened. With your help we want to support 13,000 vulnerable people, including mothers, babies, elderly people and displaced families.

Displaced families face a winter – often in little more than tents and shelters – of torrential rain, freezing temperatures, and even snowstorms.

Providing life saving medical care

With your help, our new Al Imaan Hospital will also provide obstetrics and antenatal care, treatment for malnutrition and protection services. We also plan to hire specialists and open child-friendly spaces so that families, mothers and children are safe and protected.

For five years, Al Imaan Hospital was a cornerstone of the community, with your donations providing essential medical care to the most vulnerable people. In its last eight months alone, you helped us to treat 115,389 people at the hospital.

In all, Al Imaan Hospital has: • delivered 1,725 babies • provided consultations for 9,876 children under five • admitted 2,344 women and children • trained 15 care workers • immunised 9,988 children • provided life-saving nutritional care to 21,419 children

Syrians have endured over eight years of war. 13.2 million people need health assistance, but millions lack access to it. Due to the ongoing targeting of medical facilities and staff shortages, only about half of Syria’s health facilities are fully functional. In total, a staggering 11.7 million people need humanitarian assistance.

How you can help

Without your support, we can’t keep providing essential medical care to vulnerable families in northern Syria.

Help us to continue our life-saving work by donating £135, which will provide treatment for nine people.

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih Muslim)

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