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Help save Al Imaan Hospital

Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter. (Sahih Muslim)

In Syria, 390,000 people are fleeing airstrikes in Idlib and thousands urgently need medical treatment.

Give £30 and, every month, you’ll provide two Syrian mothers and their children with essential medical treatment.

Give £15 and you’ll help us to nurse a malnourished child back to health every month.

£225 provides 15 mothers and children with medical treatment.

Pregnant women cannot get the medicine they need, children are dying every single day, patients travel for hours to reach the hospitals that remain, and doctors and surgeons are forced to work by torchlight during frequent power cuts.

Thousands will suffer if our hospital is forced to close

Thousands depend on Human Appeal’s Al Imaan Hospital in Sarmada, Idlib, but it’s in critical danger of closing. We need to treat 52,800 Syrians over the next year – 4,400 people per month – but without your donations, our hospital will soon have no funds or medicines left, and will be forced to close.

We’re urgently asking you to give £30 per month to support critical medical needs. When you set up this donation, you’ll cover the cost of lifesaving treatment for a Syrian mother and a child every month, helping malnourished babies to get healthy, providing urgent care during childbirth, or help protecting them from violence.

We desperately need to raise £60,000 per month to keep Al Imaan Hospital open and save lives.

We can do this together. We can’t afford to let down thousands of vulnerable Syrians who depend their local hospital, and Human Appeal’s supporters for essential medical care.

Your mosque, school or family can even become a Friend of Al Imaan - get in touch with us for help on setting up a fundraiser to help keep Al Imaan Hospital open.

Thank you for saving precious lives

Last year, you helped us to treat 102,302 people at our old hospital in Aleppo, before it was bombed and forced to close in August. With your help we, reopened in Idlib 3 months later. But Al Imaan is now running low on funds and is at risk of shutting down.

Help save precious lives.