Yemen in crisis

Young Yemeni boy sat on a wall

It’s impossible to survive when your water is unclean, when you can’t afford food, when you face sickness without healthcare. Be a mercy to families facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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Don’t give up on Yemen

“The people of Yemen are on the verge of ascending upon you as if they are clouds. They are the best (people) on Earth.”

£35 – Provide a vulnerable Yemeni woman with early cancer detection through bone or tissue biopsies.

£15 – Provide coffee tree seeds, fertilizer, pipes, a water tank and other farming equipment to a family in Yemen.

£25 – Provide a vulnerable Yemeni woman or girl with intensive care treatment.

£115 – provide fresh nutritious veal to Yemenis facing unbearable food insecurity amid sky-rocketing food prices. Each family-of-seven that your Qurbani supports will receive around 4.5 kilograms.

£200 – Provide 200 babies with access to the neonatal new rehabilitated care unit within its first six months.

Over 20 million people in Yemen need humanitarian help amid soaring food prices. Hunger has reached extreme levels, with 2.3 million children needing treatment for malnutrition.

Right now, 161,000 Yemenis are facing famine, and, unless we do more to fight hunger, a staggering five times more people will be facing famine by the end of the year.

Share your blessings by giving you sadaqah in Yemen, helping families to have secure access to food, livelihoods, medical treatment, and clean water.   It’s an incredible blessing to be able to give, no matter how little, as charity offers blessings and protection in this life and the hereafter, and transforms the lives of people facing hardship around the world.

Spread mercy, provide food, medical care, and livelihoods

Give your Qurbani in Yemen today and reap the blessings of Dhul Hijjah while helping people struggling with malnourishment to eat well. Be a mercy to people in the Ummah facing unbearable hardship.

Give your sadaqah in Yemen and help us to fight hunger and it’s causes. Right now we’re working to provide:

  • Yemeni women with intensive care treatment, and early cancer detection,

  • A struggling farmer with coffee tree seeds, fertilizer, equipment and a water tank,

  • Newborn babies with a rehabilitated neonatal care unit,

  • Physiotherapy equipment to help injured people to recover,

  • Clean, sustainable water to 14,000 people,

  • Wheelchairs to people with disabilities.

All of our current projects are Zakat-applicable, and you can calculate what you owe with our easy-to-use Zakat calculator.

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Why give through Human Appeal?

Human Appeal has been changing lives through our projects in Yemen since 2014. We’ve helped over 900,000 people during the course of the conflict, primarily through health projects and emergency food aid to tackle malnutrition. Last year, you helped us to support 963,849 people by providing food security, healthcare, and spreading warmth in winter.

Little Hanaa was orphaned and malnourished

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‘Truly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him’.

Qur’an, 3:159

Help support the Prophet’s (saw) people today. Yemen can't wait.

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