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Little baby girl

In Yemen, a child dies every ten minutes. People are eating leaves to survive. Yet 42% of the UK don’t know about the crisis. Please help Yemen now.


Forgotten. Forsaken. Erased

Little Maryam pictured above, is heading for the abyss. Just like 22.2 million other people caught in the Yemen famine. Tragically, a child dies every ten minutes. People are eating leaves to survive. Yet 42% of the UK don’t even know about the Yemen crisis.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Human Appeal and conducted by YouGov, when asked: “As far as you are aware, which, if any, of the following countries are currently, or have recently, been involved in ongoing armed conflict?” only 58% selected Yemen from the ten possible options.

This finding is startling, considering Yemen now stands on the brink of a catastrophic famine resulting from four years of conflict. 75% of the population need humanitarian assistance, including 11.3 million people who require immediate help to survive.

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014, running programmes to alleviate the suffering created as the conflict rages on. This year alone, Human Appeal has helped over 165,000 Yemenis through life saving support provision in health, nutrition, access to clean water, food security, shelter, protection and education interventions in the most affected areas across the country.

Just £100 will go towards helping thousands of people through our health and nutrition project, including malnutrition services, services for children and pregnant women, and the supply of healthcare professionals.

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Our work in Yemen

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014. The ongoing conflict makes Yemen a difficult environment to operate in, but we are one of the few international NGOs with an established presence in the country.

In the last year alone, we have helped over 165,000 Yemenis through life-saving projects in health, nutrition, clean water, food security, shelter, protection, and education in the worst affected regions.

  • Supported 45,900 people during the height of the cholera epidemic.
  • Provided emergency medicine, hygiene and nutritional supplies to AlJomhouri Hospital in Sa’dah.
  • Supplied Al-Sabeen Maternal Hospital in Sana’a with ten incubators for premature babies, which helped 700 infants in 2017.
  • Provided cholera centre with essential supplies including 100 beds and mattresses, serving 18,000 people in one year.

  • Provided oral rehydration solutions, antibiotics, syringes, gloves and gowns to Al-Hudaydah and Dhale allowing them to treat 24,800 people.
  • We delivered emergency food parcels as well as seasonal food distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani festivals to 64,430 people.
  • Supported 600 children in an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen in partnership with other agencies, providing students with uniforms, books and other study materials.

22.2 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Join us in continuing to provide vital aid in this deepening crisis.

Malak in her father arms

Malak's story

We met Nasser in an emergency clinic. He was holding his baby daughter, Malak.

“I have two children who were infected with cholera; now they are better at home. Now the third one is infected.”

He pointed to Malak.

If I had money I would have sent them somewhere for treatment. I don’t have a job, I don’t even have one riyal.

Nasser doesn’t have access to a water source, and relies on finding food and water from charitable neighbours. He uses pieces of carpet to shelter beneath.

“This is what God wants, and I am patient with what God wants of me,” he said. “I bear all this pain in my heart for my children’s sake.”

Tragically, the cholera was so advanced that baby Malak died the next day.

Cholera is a treatable infection that should have no place in today’s world. Help us to save children like Malak by providing vital medical aid to struggling families in Yemen.

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