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Yemen man and his baby

Millions of people in Yemen are on the brink of starvation. Be the one to make a difference.

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Forgotten. Forsaken. Erased

“Whoever does not show mercy to our young ones, or acknowledge the rights of our elders, is not one of us.” (Ahmad)

£20 provides ten people with access to safe, life-sustaining water in Sana’a

£30 will provide two at-risk Yemenis with access to one of our four clinics

£75 will provide five at-risk Yemenis with access to one of our four clinics

In Yemen, three-quarters of the population – that’s over 22 million people – need humanitarian assistance to survive.

Every ten minutes, a child dies from a preventable cause; 85,000 babies and toddlers have starved to death. Yemenis are living through the worst humanitarian disaster in the world, the most severe cholera epidemic since records began, and are on the brink of the worst famine in a century.

In the coming months, we’ll be supporting 10,500 people battling the triple threat of war, starvation and disease by rehabilitating water pumps and tanks, and installing water points to deliver water to 50 areas in Sana’a.

We’ll also be providing 14,000 at-risk Yemenis with access to healthcare at four clinics, offering maternal and newborn care, immunisations, and disability support, as well as treating cholera and acute diseases.

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Human Appeal’s work in Yemen

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014. Since the outbreak of the conflict, your donations have provided food, healthcare, and medical supplies to over half a million of the most vulnerable Yemenis.

In 2018, our work reached 168,000 people, not only with emergency food, shelter, and medical care, but also by providing the most vulnerable people with education and protection from harm.

Your donations will help to provide critical, life-saving healthcare in a country on the brink of famine, in the worst humanitarian crisis in the word. Your support is urgently needed before this catastrophe becomes irreversible.

  • Supported 45,900 people during the height of the cholera epidemic.
  • Provided emergency medicine, hygiene and nutritional supplies to AlJomhouri Hospital in Sa’dah.
  • Supplied Al-Sabeen Maternal Hospital in Sana’a with ten incubators for premature babies, which helped 700 infants in 2017.
  • Provided cholera centre with essential supplies including 100 beds and mattresses, serving 18,000 people in one year.

  • Provided oral rehydration solutions, antibiotics, syringes, gloves and gowns to Al-Hudaydah and Dhale allowing them to treat 24,800 people.
  • We delivered emergency food parcels as well as seasonal food distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani festivals to 64,430 people.
  • Supported 600 children in an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen in partnership with other agencies, providing students with uniforms, books and other study materials.

22.2 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Join us in continuing to provide vital aid in this deepening crisis.


No one should die of malnutrition

This is Layla. She fled to Yemen’s capital, Aden, with her blind father and three remaining children to escape the anguish of war in Al-Hodaida. Tragically, Layla lost two of her precious children because of extreme malnutrition.

“My family of five now live on a farm, in a sheep pen. We have no protection from the heat and no mattresses to sleep on. Since my husband left us, I have been working as a home help to wealthy Yemeni women, but I only earn about $1 a day, which is not enough to cover even basic needs.

My children have only one lunchtime meal a day, with no breakfast, dinner or supper. We go to bed hungry and cannot even afford clean water to drink or nutritious fruit and milk.

I am afraid we will starve to death if somebody does not help us. I ask humanitarians to look at my condition, my children’s, and blind father’s. We have no one to support us or provide for us. I have children who will die of starvation, sickness and extreme heat if we do not receive help.”

Let’s be one and help the people of Yemen

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