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The people of Yemen are suffering with famine alongside constant violence putting their lives at risk. Danger surrounds them. You can help save lives.


The world’s worst humanitarian crisis

The UN has labelled Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis, with more than three quarters of the population needing humanitarian assistance – that’s 22 million people.

Over 11 million people need help right now in order to survive.

Yemenis are facing multiple chaotic issues, not only armed conflict and bombardment, but also severe effects of war, including displacement, famine and disease.

Severe economic decline and collapsing essential public services have taken an enormous toll on the Yemeni population, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. Today, 2.2 million children in Yemen are malnourished and the UN has declared that the country is on the brink of famine. Yemenis lack both access to clean water, as well as food, with many mothers going hungry just to feed their children.

The country is also struggling to cope with a deadly cholera outbreak, with the number of cases exceeding one million. Our task is immense. But together we can save lives.

Let’s take care of humanity to the best of our abilities. Support our cholera response, clean water and food distribution projects in Yemen today.

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Our work in Yemen

Human Appeal is working tirelessly to provide food, water and cholera treatment Yemen. Here’s how you can help make a difference to a population struggling with war, disease and starvation.

  • Supported 45,900 people during the height of the cholera epidemic.
  • Provided emergency medicine, hygiene and nutritional supplies to Al-Jomhouri Hospital in Sa’dah.
  • Supplied Al-Sabeen Maternal Hospital in Sana’a with ten incubators for premature babies, which helped 700 infants in 2017.
  • Provided cholera centre with essential supplies including 100 beds and mattresses, serving 18,000 people in one year.

  • Provided oral rehydration solutions, antibiotics, syringes, gloves and gowns to Al-Hudaydah and Dhale allowing them to treat 24,800 people.
  • We delivered emergency food parcels as well as seasonal food distributions during Ramadan and Qurbani festivals to 64,430 people.
  • Supported 600 children in an orphanage in Sanaa, Yemen in partnership with other agencies, providing students with uniforms, books and other study materials.

We continue to respond to the cholera epidemic by expanding our work into Hudaydah and Reymah governorates. In the coming months, we will be delivering an integrated health, nutrition, and food security response for the most vulnerable people in the Hajjah governorate.

Malik's in her father arms

Nasser’s story

We met Nasser in an emergency clinic. He was holding his baby daughter, Malak.

“I have two children who were infected with cholera; now they are better at home. Now the third one is infected.”

He pointed to Malak.

If I had money I would have sent them somewhere for treatment. I don’t have a job, I don’t even have one riyal.

Nasser doesn’t have access to a water source, and relies on finding food and water from charitable neighbours. He uses pieces of carpet to shelter beneath.

“This is what God wants, and I am patient with what God wants of me,” he said. “I bear all this pain in my heart for my children’s sake.”

Tragically, the cholera was so advanced that baby Malak died the next day.

Cholera is a treatable infection that should have no place in today’s world. Help us to save children like Malak by providing clean water and cholera treatment to struggling families in Yemen.

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Yemen The Situation

The Situation

Vulnerable people were in desperate need of help. Images show a family unsafely living near a garbage disposal dump, a bombed hospital and a grieving father, yearning for his daughter who died of cholera.

Yemen How we helped

How we helped

Emergency distribution of food and medical aid was carried out. We ensured that Ramadan food packs were also distributed, full of nutritious and energy-sourced food.

Yemen The Result

The Result

Families have adequate food and medical aid provision, improving their situation greatly. They are hopeful and grateful of the immediate response Human Appeal had to their dire condition.

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