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Syria Emergency Appeal

“The believers are like one body in their mutual love and affection: if one limb is injured, the rest responds with sleeplessness and fever.” (Muslim)

£150 - Al Imaan Hospital - save 6 mothers and children

£100 – Emergency fund for displaced Syrians

£100 – Help isolated people access critical healthcare through our mobile clinic.

£70 – Feed a family-of-six for a month

A ten-year-old Syrian today will never have known a world without conflict. Across Syria, 11.7 million people need humanitarian support, and almost 1 million have fled their the bombs in Idlib since December.

It is the largest displacement of Syrians in the history of the ten-year war, and it has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Today, 6.5 million Syrians need food to survive. Medicines are running out. Hospitals are being bombed. Doctors are working by torchlight. With half of all healthcare facilities shut, services are stretched to the brink, diseases can spiral, and the most vulnerable people are put at even greater risk.

Change lives now, for a better tomorrow

Help us to support vulnerable families in this critical time, so that they don’t have to choose between having food to eat and staying safe from COVID-19. Provide a displaced family with a food parcel to help them eat well for a whole month during this critical time.

Improving healthcare

We’ve re-opened Al Imaan Hospital in Idlib, providing critical care to vulnerable people who have fled the violence, and we’re also running a mobile clinic, helping some of the most at-risk and isolated people to access doctors, nurses and midwives, so that we can save the lives of those who can’t travel to hospital.

Tens of thousands of people depend on our healthcare. We treat around 4,400 people every single month, but we’re in critical danger of closing. Our medicines are running low and, without your help, we’ll be forced to shut, leaving tens of thousands of vulnerable people with nowhere to turn.

Support our long-term projects in Syria, and help us to build a more resilient tomorrow.

Why give to Human Appeal?

We’ve been working in Syria since the very beginning of the conflict in 2011. This wealth of experience has allowed us to design the most impactful projects that meet the most urgent needs in Syria today – ongoing healthcare and urgent food.

Our projects are run by local staff, our hospital is manned by local doctors and nurses, all working together to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, and the future of their country. When you entrust your charity to us, it’s supported by 29 years’ experience, and specialists in protection, child safety, and emergency response.

If you want to change lives in Syria, with meaningful, impactful projects run by capable, caring hands, give your charity through Human Appeal.

Last year, you helped us to treat 102,302 people at our old hospital in Aleppo, before it was bombed and forced to close in August. Over the last 4 years, we’ve helped over 9 million Syrians.

The war has claimed too many lives. We must act now.