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Gaza on lockdown as health crisis hits

“Whoever saves one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Quran, 5:32]

£50 – Provide 18 people with lifesaving medicine in Gaza’s hospitals where 90% of essential medicines are out of stock, leaving thousands untreated.

£25 - Ensure 15 families have a continuous supply of clean, de-contaminated water to drink and wash with for one year by helping us to disinfect Gaza’s entire water network, keeping all of Gaza’s population safe from Covid-19 and other waterborne diseases.

£15 - Provide fresh, clean water for 1 vulnerable person in Rafah, where 97 per cent of water is salty, contaminated and undrinkable, by helping us to build a vital desalination plant.

Gaza’s hospitals on the brink

Gaza’s hospitals are being pushed to collapse. 20-hour power cuts make it impossible to work, and, after over a week of airstrikes and bombings, medical supplies are about to run out.

The first local transmission of the virus was reported in late August, since then the number of cases has soared to almost 4,500, with fears about how uncontrollably COVID-19 is spreading in the densely-populated refugee camps.

We urgently need your help in providing critical medical supplies, and supporting Gaza’s doctors as they struggle to keep saving lives.

Your donations will help to provide essential medicine and disposables to 14 hospitals and 54 local healthcare centres, helping to directly save and sustain the lives of 120,000 people.

A water crisis that kills

Gaza is also enduring an ongoing water crisis, with 97 per cent of the water unfit for human consumption. Some 2.1 million people, the entire population of Gaza, are at risk of waterborne diseases, such as kidney failure, dehydration, and fatal diarrheal disease. The single biggest killer of children in Gaza is drinking contaminated water.

Safe water for the entire population of Gaza

We’re helping to empower communities in Gaza by providing clean water. Human Appeal is the only organisation chlorinating the water network in the Gaza Strip; since April, in partnership with United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), we have been disinfecting the entire water network and distribution system through the provision of chlorine, helping to protect Gaza against COVID-19.

Gaza’s water authority is urgently requesting help in providing clean water. Come September, Gaza’s water wells will have no chlorine disinfection solution, leaving the entire population at risk of contracting waterborne diseases, and unable to effectively stay safe from coronavirus.

With your support, we can chlorinate 284 water wells, 55 water reservoirs, 26 water lifting and booster stations, over 2,987km of water networks and carrier lines and 48 water desalination plants, benefiting 2.1 million people – the entire population of Gaza.

Please donate to our Gaza Emergency Appeal today and help us to rebuild and empower Gaza.

Human Appeal has been working in Gaza for 29 years, providing food, water, medical care, and livelihood training.

Donate now and help us to continue to save lives.