Zakat and Nisab

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Fulfil this beautiful pillar of Islam and reap the rewards.

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£800 can provide a whole community with a deep water well, and clean water for years to come.

£720 can change the life of a street child by providing food, a safe space, healthcare, counselling, and skill development.

Zakat reminds us that our wealth is given by Allah, and is purified for Him, ensuring that we fulfil the responsibilities of our privilege, and that our excess wealth is redistributed to those who are struggling to survive.

Head to our easy-to-use Zakat calculator to work out how much you owe this year. Purify your wealth and reap the rewards.

Zakat can be donated at any time, but we advise timing your Zakat to coincide with Dhul Hijjah so that you never forget to give what you owe.

Donate your Zakat through Human Appeal safe in the knowledge that your donation will go directly to where it is most needed. Our Zakat-applicable projects are sustainable and impactful, continuing to benefit people for years to come.

Why give your Zakat through Human Appeal?

We’ve been delivering Zakat for 30 years – that means we have an incredible amount of experience, resources, and expertise to call on. It’s what allows us to minimize costs, and maximise impact.

Even now, 30 years later, we’re honoured and humbled by every single donation we receive. Zakat is a pillar of our faith, and that’s something we take with utmost care and importance. We’ve worked extremely hard to design Zakat-applicable projects that meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities, and that help you to seek Allah’s blessings.

Last year, your Zakat donations supported over 3.7 million people across eight countries, including, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and Bangladesh.

Purify your wealth with Human Appeal and change lives around the world.

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Zakat: your questions answered

  • What is Zakat?

    Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a charitable duty that purifies wealth and is incumbent upon adult Muslims.

  • How much money do I have to possess to qualify?

    You should pay Zakat if your wealth is equal to or above the Nisab (threshold), which varies each year and is based on the price of silver. Currently, the Nisab is approximately £362.72, so any money or assets you have above this amount hold a duty of Zakat.

  • What possessions do I pay Zakat on?

    Any gold, silver, jewellery, stocks and shares, savings, money you have loaned to others, property, pensions and business stock should be included in your Nisab calculation.

  • How much Zakat do I pay?

    In concrete terms, you pay approximately 2.5 percent of your wealth to Zakat, but we’ve made this even easier for you! With our Zakat calculator to help you work out what you owe with an up-to-date Nisab value.

  • When should Zakat be paid?

    Once a person reaches the Nisab and a lunar year (hawl) has passed by, then Zakat is due immediately.

  • How much of my savings should I apply Zakat to?

    Zakat applies to any savings that you have held for a full year. Usually this means that you input the minimum that you have had in your account since you last calculated your Zakat one year ago. Include all your bank accounts, cryptocurrency, PayPal balance, and any money at home or in hand. Any interest you have received at the bank is haram and must not be included.

  • What does one do about missed Zakat payments?

    If one has missed Zakat payments over the years, then one must make a calculated estimate of the Zakat missed for each year and discharge it accordingly. These payments are still binding on him even if many years have passed by and whether or not he knew they were obligatory.

Entrust your Zakat to us and together, inshallah, we can be worthy of Allah’s blessings and mercy.

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