Zakat and Nisab

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Zakat Fulfils Your Religious Obligations

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Fulfil This Beautiful Pillar of Islam

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah”

(Qur’an 2:110)

Zakat, a key pillar of faith and a spiritual duty incumbent upon Muslims who can afford it, is full of fruitful benefits. This is an obligation that offers the giver - and receiver – great blessings and immense reward. Zakat purifies one's wealth and is an opportunity to give to the less fortunate at least annually.

Human Appeal works in 22 countries, helping communities to lift themselves out of poverty through education, training and supporting livelihoods. We've achieved so much by bringing back smiles and comfort into the lives of many, and you can use your zakat as a platform to allow this action to continue and prosper.

Donate your Zakat through Human Appeal, safe in the knowledge that it will be used where it is most needed. Be the reason for improved livelihoods. Be the reason for the beautiful smiles on the less fortunate.

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Zakat Fulfils Your Duty

If you qualify to donate Zakat this year, let us help you to put it to good use.

With Human Appeal, you should know that your gift will be used to help some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the world. Perhaps your donation will aid the construction of a well, bringing clean water to a community. Or, maybe it will provide education to a mother hoping to learn a trade and support her family. Or, perhaps it will go towards supporting some of the vulnerable people here in the UK.

Give, knowing that you are upholding your duty as a compassionate, empathetic and responsible human being.

  • How Much Zakat Do I Pay?

It's simple! You can use our Zakat calculator to help you work out what you owe. It will make giving that bit easier, but just as rewarding!

  • The ruling on Zakat

Zakat is a compulsory act of worship that requires a Muslim who owns wealth equal to or above the Nisab (pre-defined threshold) to donate approx 2.5% of their wealth to eligible recipients.

  • When should Zakat be paid?

Once a person reaches the Nisab and a lunar year (hawl) has passed by, then Zakat is due immediately.

  • How much is the Nisab threshold?

The Nisab threshold which obligates the payment of Zakat will be based on the current price of 612 grams of silver (as discussed above). As of 17 May 2016, this amount equates to approx £235.00. Therefore, if your Zakatable assets exceed this amount you are eligible to pay Zakat if the amount, stays above this by the end of one lunar year.

  • Where should Zakat be distributed?

The preferable option is to distribute Zakat locally. Alternatively, one may give Zakat to one of the 8 categories defined in the Qur’an anywhere in the world if they feel there is a particular benefit (maslahah) and their contribution would be more beneficial (e.g. recipients in extreme poverty, insufficient local donations, increased demand due to natural disasters etc.).

  • What does one do about Missed Zakat payments?

If one has missed Zakat payments over the years, then one must make a calculated estimate of the Zakat missed for each year and discharge it accordingly. These payments are still binding on him even if many years have passed by and whether or not he knew they were obligatory.

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