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Here for every human

Wherever and whenever there is a humanitarian disaster, you’ll find Human Appeal. We act as a global agent of change, working in conflict areas, natural disaster zones and refugee camps all over the world to help create a just, caring, sustainable world.

Over 29 years of saving lives

Today we’re a global humanitarian and development organisation working all over the world, but we started in a small flat in Manchester. With the help of our generous donors, supporters and partners, we work tirelessly to alleviate suffering, offer relief and break the cycle of poverty.

We’re a faith-based organisation inspired by Islamic values, but we work on behalf of all humanity. We also know that to secure lasting change, we can’t do it alone. That’s why we cooperate across the global charity sector, as well as with governments, companies, and organisations who share our goals.

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When water can kill

As the water crisis in Gaza worsens, the region will soon become uninhabitable. Many children are forced to drink water that leaves them sick and hospitalised. Our Gaza Emergency Appeal is stemming the tide, helping to build water desalination plants to make clean, safe water.

Help children like Abdul

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Where litter means life

Shanto lives rough on the streets of Dhaka. He makes a living litterpicking, and if he doesn’t work he doesn’t eat. Very few streetchildren ever make it off the streets, but your donations can make a difference. Human Appeal is helping children get to a safe place and fulfil their dreams.

Help street children like Shanto

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Why join the Human Appeal family?

We make a real difference. Every penny you donate is spent according to an extremely strict set of rules and regulations that makes sure the people who need it most get the benefit. And our results speak for themselves.

In 2019 we:

Supported a total of 1,349,536 people in eight countries

Sponsored 11,845 orphans in nine countries

Provided food to 284,000 people during Ramadan and Qurbani

Helped 56,692 people through our livelihood projects

Supported 42,110 people through both long and short-term food projects

Collected and distributed over 75,000 coats to keep vulnerable people in the UK warm over winter, in partnership with Hands on London

Help us create a kinder tomorrow. Join the Human Appeal family today.

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