The Purple Pound Fund

children hands in front of a well collecting water

Change a Life from Just £1


What is the Purple Pound Fund?

We know how busy life can be. Between working, studying and looking after loved ones, it can be hard to put aside the time, and the money, to donate regularly. The Purple Pound Fund takes care of that for you, arranging small monthly payments of between £1 and £3.

By keeping the donation amounts small, you don’t have to worry about budgeting, since the Purple Pound costs less than a cup of coffee. Whether you’re a parent, student, or just tightening your purse strings, Purple Pound won’t break the bank.

But do not underestimate your donation. Regular giving, no matter how small, is essential in helping Human Appeal respond to emergencies. We rely on our monthly supporters to enable us to be prepared when tragedy strikes. Small donations make a big difference.

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Charity Goes Where It Is Most Needed

Your purple pounds may end up helping survivors of natural disasters, or supporting people fleeing violence, or simply contribute to a water well, bringing life to an arid village.

Hassle-Free Giving

Whatever happens, you can be confident that your charity will go where it is most needed. However, if you decide you can’t afford the payments anymore, you can quickly and easily opt out whenever you like.

Small, Regular Acts of Charity

The Purple Pound Fund is all about small, regular acts of charity that help transform lives.

Once you sign up to the Purple Pound Fund, you can go about your life worry-free, and let Human Appeal take care of the rest. Join our Purple Pound Fund today.