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Charity starts at home! We run a number of tailored aid programmes designed to tackle poverty here in the UK. Help those a little closer to home by donating to our UK Projects.

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Believing at home

Muslims believe that charity starts at home too! Islam teaches us to look after our community and to care for our neighbours.

The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said:

"Jibril kept recommending me to treat my neighbour well until I thought that he would tell me to make him one of my heirs"

(Bukhari: 6014).

At Human Appeal, we believe in giving where the need is greatest. Often that is in parts of the world that are experiencing war, hunger and natural disasters, but sometimes help is needed in our own communities too.

More than a million people in the UK are so poor they cannot afford to eat properly, keep clean or stay warm and dry. In a typical week, almost 85,000 households in the UK are reliant on charities for essentials such as food, clothes, shelter and toiletries.

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Human Appeal's work in the UK

Over the last year, Human Appeal has:

  • Raised almost £28,000 for survivors of the Manchester Arena attack, which was donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and helped 187 people with psychosocial support, medical bills, funeral costs and emergency accommodation.
  • Raised £120,000 for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, distributed as emergency and individual cash grants to the survivors.
  • Coordinated and sorted more than 20,000 in-kind donations to Grenfell survivors.
  • Distributed food trays in Manchester and London during Ramadan, helping 9,000 people, in partnership with Fareshare.
  • Provided funding to prepare over 500 hot meals in North-West London.
  • Distributed over 800kg of Qurbani meat to over 2,000 people, including migrants, and homeless people in Manchester, Leeds , Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Sponsored Children of Adam’s Weekly Outdoor Soup Kitchen to provide 140 hot meals to homeless and food insecure people.

  • Granted £10,000 to Street Support Network to help digitally extend their network of homeless charities.
  • Granted £16,420 to One Roof Leicester to support the Leicester Winter Night Shelter for homeless people.
  • Granted £6,000 to Coffee4Craig’s winter drop-in centre to help cope with increased demand during winter 2017/18, helping around 1,800 people.
  • Distributed emergency winter packs to 170 visitors to a soup kitchen. Each contained thermals, hoodies, toiletries, socks, gloves, hats, scarves and underwear.
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