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Be a mercy at home

Be a mercy to the most vulnerable in our communities. Help us to provide grants for domestic abuse survivors, support to local food banks, and mental health support for ethnic minority men. Transform lives here in the UK.

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Help at Home Appeal

More people than ever before are turning to food banks due to the cost-of-living crisis. The number of children going hungry has nearly doubled in a year to 4 million. Vulnerable families here in the UK need our mercy now. Donate to our Help at Home Appeal and help us to provide nutritious food to local. We’re also working to support people fleeing domestic violence by providing a cash grant, and helping BAME men facing mental health crises with counselling support.

£200 – Help cover the costs of a local food bank for a week, allowing them to support 100 people.

£35 – Provide mental health support to a person facing a mental health crisis.

£ any amount - Provide a person fleeing domestic violence with a cash grant so that they can buy essential items in the immediate aftermath.

UK households falling deeper in to poverty

The UK’s rate of food poverty is among the worst in Europe.

Even though we are the sixth richest country in the world, millions are struggling to access the food they need. Due to the cost-of-living crisis, the situation is rapidly worsening.

• 4 million UK children going hungry

• The number of children going hungry has almost doubled in just one year

• One in five UK households are skipping meals, going hungry, or not eating for a day

The cost-of-living crisis is now also becoming a national emergency for those suffering from domestic abuse, which could mean the difference between life and death, while the Mental Health Foundation recently published a report saying that they expect the effects of the cost-of-living crisis on public mental health to be on a scale like the pandemic.

Mercy for foodbanks

Human Appeal is supporting food banks across Manchester, Birmingham and London to ensure people have adequate food available.

Supporting survivors

Your mercy can also support our cash grants for survivors of domestic abuse, by helping them with immediate, vital support. Most people who leave abusive relationships must escape quickly, taking with them little to no belongings. Until their cases are assessed by the government, they are often completely dependent on external help. Typically, women use these grants to buy blankets, crockery, hygiene items, and clothes.

Mental health support

You can also be a mercy by helping us to provide ethnic minority men (predominantly Muslim) facing mental health issues with access to psychotherapy. We are working with The Meridian Centre in Bradford, which has advised the UK government on the link between childhood experience and mental health and are forming an alliance of minority mental health specialists.

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Our work in the UK

Human Appeal has been working in the UK for 30 years. Last Ramadan, we supported people in the UK with weekly food parcels, as well as supporting survivors of domestic abuse and men facing mental health issues. Last Qurbani, we supported over 1,400 people in the UK, distributing the meat of 35 sheep via food banks and soup kitchens in Birmingham, which often struggle to source halal meat.

Last winter, we helped to collect 5,550 coats from across the UK during our annual Wrap Up campaign in partnership with Hands on London. Additionally, we collected 10,000 items of warm winter clothing. Together we supported people who are homeless, vulnerable, refugees or dependent on food banks. During the campaign, we supported in 7 cities across the UK. In total, 109 volunteers gave 445 hours collecting and sorting coats.

Last summer, we began our partnership with Breaking the Silence, a counselling service for men of ethnic minority backgrounds. In our first six months, we helped to support 51 new users of this service.

Iftar for all

Human Appeal joined forces with Hellmann's to launch a UK initiative to deliver weekly food parcels to food banks in London, Manchester and Birmingham. The initiative was aimed at those most in need when it comes to food items during the current challenging times. We encouraged the public to support Human Appeal's work at home and abroad to alleviate hunger on the occasion of Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting and sharing.

Iftar for All was about raising awareness about hunger so that as many people as possible in the UK could have their basic food needs covered, so that every member of public could share the spirit of Ramadan as people around the world come together at this time to share a special meal (Iftar) to break their fast each day.

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Throughout his life, the Messenger (PBUH) encouraged Muslims to care for their own community and neighbours, saying: “He is not a believer who spends the night satiated while the neighbour to his side is hungry.” (Source - Al-Albani)

Source - Al-Albani

Be a mercy to your neighbours. Give mercy now.

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Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or programme that you select. In the event we complete the programme, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another programme where it is needed most.



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