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Kawthar from Lebanon

Help us to rebuild Lebanon after the deadly blast, which killed 170 and left 300,000 homeless.

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Human Appeal is on the ground in Lebanon

Human Appeal is distributing food, clean water and COVID-19 protection kits in Lebanon. In the coming weeks we’re looking to also support a hospital that was severely damaged, provide medicine and hygiene kits, and renovate and restore shelters for families made homeless by the blast.

£80 – 4 family emergency parcels

£160 – 8 family emergency parcels

£300 – 15 family emergency parcels

Please donate, and help us to provide emergency parcels, containing tuna, cheese, bread, biscuits, noodles, halva, and clean water, as well as masks, hand sanitizer and gloves.

Human Appeal has already distributed over 600 emergency food parcels and COVID-19 PPE to families in Beirut, and we're working to continue distributing these essential parcels in the coming weeks.

We’ve been trucking clean water to homes, schools and hospitals, as well as to a refuge centre that, each day, supports 1,000 people affected by the blast.

Currently, we’re coordinating with local bodies and communities and it’s our aim to rebuild homes which were destroyed in the blast, support a major hospital in Lebanon, and distribute medicine and hygiene kits.

Please donate now, and help us to protect the most vulnerable, and to begin to rebuild Beirut.

The massive explosion that rocked Beirut, killed 190 and injured more than 6,500. 200,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in the blast, and an estimated 300,000 were suddenly made homeless. 159 schools were damages in the blast, which destroyed apartment buildings, decimated homes, and sent bricks and debris across the city.

The crisis has also compounded the spread of COVID-19; Lebanon is reporting around 600 cases per day, tripling the number of daily transmissions before the explosion, putting the most vulnerable families at even higher risk.

Now, families face night after night on streets in the middle of a blast site, among shattered glass and mountains of rubble, and with no idea of where food or shelter is going to come from.

Homelessness, skyrocketing prices as winter looms

As winter beckons, families are struggling to rebuild their homes. The price of furnishings, home appliances, and home maintenance items has increased by over 500% and inflation has risen by 100%. The demand for building materials, especially glass and aluminum has skyrocketed, but many in Beirut are still living and sleeping exposed to the elements, unable to afford the repairs to their homes. Before the explosion, almost half of the population was already below the poverty line, and the country was facing economic collapse, widespread poverty, and the growing spread of COVID-19.

Lebanon’s already stretched health infrastructure was struggling to cope with an influx of COVID-19 patients as cases of the virus escalated in recent days.

This devastating disaster threatens to tip the country’s fragile infrastructure system over the edge, putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk.

Please donate and help us to empower local families, and support local hospitals.

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Help us to rebuild lives in Beirut.

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