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Beirut, one year on

“Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people).” (Muslim)

£60 – Help support our emergency medical and education work in Lebanon.

£70 - Provide a nutritious food parcel to feed a family for a month.

£30 – Provide a family with 2 bread deliveries per week for two months.

One year on from the devastating blast in Beirut, we’re continuing to provide the aid that’s needed, when it’s needed across Lebanon.

As Lebanon faces a financial crisis, food prices have skyrocketed, making it hard for families to afford basic essentials, including food, healthcare, and education. A staggering 78% of Syrian refugees are food insecure and urgently need help to access food. 54% of school aged refugees are out of school.

Our upcoming work

As Lebanon faces a financial crisis, food prices have skyrocketed, making it hard for families to afford basic essentials, including food, healthcare, and education. Medical centres throughout the country face shortages of basic supplies, in a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

We continue to reassess the most urgent needs. Right now, we are about to being 3 months of delivering essential medical supplies in Saida, Beirut, Bekaa, North Lebanon and Baalbek.

In the coming school year, we’ll be providing 360 Syrian children in Lebanon with education in Sawasia and Al Rahma teaching centres in Bekaa. The children will study in accordance with the Lebanese curriculum, learning Maths, Arabic, English, and Science, and will also have the opportunity to work on their creative and computing skills. With 18 staff members, we’ll also provide psychosocial support and health awareness campaigns.

Unable to go home, and unable to earn a living

The continuing violence in Syria means that these refugees in Lebanon can’t go home. Those who ordinarily work are restricted to low-paid daily labour, and have been pushed out of work due to the pandemic.

Support the most vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese families by providing a month-long family food parcel, or by delivering 2 parcels of bread to a family for 2 months.

How we helped

A year on, this disaster continues to affect thousands who are struggling with the psychological, physical, and financial repercussions.

Within 72 hours of the explosion, Human Appeal arrived on the scene to provide emergency assistance. In the immediate aftermath, we:

  • Provided emergency packs to 654 affected families, containing essential food items, and COVID-19 protection kits to help protect survivors from the immediate dangers of hunger and disease.
  • Repaired six damaged homes in four different neighbourhoods.
  • Delivered 4,000 litres of clean water to patients at 4 different hospitals.
  • Provided 1,000 people at a refuge centre with clean water.

In the year since, we’ve continued to support the most vulnerable in whatever way we were most needed.

  • During winter, we supported 11,919 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese people with 5,065 family food parcels, fuel, winter kits containing blankets and warm clothing.
  • Last August, we also provided 120,780 packs of bread to 1,830 Syrian families who had taken refuge in the Arsal region.

Help us to continue supporting those who most need support in Lebanon.

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