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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Families across Palestine have endured attack after attack, including airstrikes on Gaza and a ground invasion in Jenin. After 16 years of siege and 70 years of marginalization, your help is urgently needed to help families to recover.

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Palestine under attack

The Prophet also said: "Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." (Hadith Al-Tirmidhi)

The recent ground invasion of Jenin was the largest incursion in the West Bank in 20 years. 12 people were killed, over 120 injured, and 4,000 people were forced to flee their homes as drone strikes hit. Displaced families are still struggling to access food, clean water, and medical care.

£135 - provide Palestinians in the West Bank with emergency food and hygiene supplies.

£50 – provide enough fuel to support the needs of 2 patients at a hospital in Gaza for one day.

£90 – provide a family-of-six in Gaza with food to last one month.

£100 – Provide urgent medical supplies and medicine to hospitals.

£200 – provide one person in Gaza with surgery.

£4,400 – rebuild a home in Gaza, providing a bathroom, kitchen, wall repair, windows, doors, and electricity.

Donate to our Palestine Emergency Appeal and directly help families affected by the violence, meeting their immediate needs in the aftermath of attacks, such as food, and hygiene items, and helping them to rebuild when the violence subsides.

Human Appeal has been helping people in Palestine for over 30 years. In that time, sadly, we’ve witnessed many wars, attacks, and violence.

But we’ve also helped millions of people – rebuilding homes, equipping hospitals, constructing schools and desalination plants, providing livelihoods and training. We’ve also helped families in the immediate aftermath of attacks with urgent food, medical supplies and shelter.

70 years of oppression

After 70 years of occupation and 16 years of the blockade in Gaza, Palestinians urgently need your ongoing support to help them to be resilient to attacks and to rebuild after damage to their homes, schools and hospitals. In the last few months, Palestinians have endured violent attacks on Al Aqsa, an invasion of Jenin, and airstrikes on Gaza. Unfortunately these are not isolated or irregular attacks.

Since 2008, around 6,400 Palestinians have been killed, and about 152,000 have been injured.

Entrust your donation to our three decades of experience, and you’ll provide efficient, transparent and effective humanitarian support to families that most need it.

Continued support in Gaza

The 2.1 million people in Gaza endure the accumulating hardship of a 16 year blockade that restricts goods needed to rebuild, healthcare essentials, imports to earn a living, as well as access to farmland and fishing waters.

Gaza’s hospitals and medical services are buckling under the strain of a severe fuel shortage, a limited supply of essential drugs, and scarce medical supplies. With each wave of attacks, more homes and livelihoods are destroyed, leaving families in need of help to meet their most urgent needs.

The mercy of a donation

Donate to Palestine, and help us to provide:

• medicine and fuel to hospitals

• surgery for patients in urgent need of operations.

• critical repair to damaged homes

• nutritious family food parcels to last a family an entire month

• olive trees for struggling farmers.

At least 10 Palestinians, including three minors, were killed in the attacks and over 120 people have sustained injuries, with many being in a critical condition.

4,000 Palestinians are now displaced, while damage to infrastructure has left many from the Jenin community without water and electricity.

Human Appeal is on the ground now distributing vital Emergency Parcels to displaced Palestinians. The packs contain nutritious food items, such as tinned sardines, tuna, and sweetcorn, along with hygiene essentials, like children’s nappies, adult nappies, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Since 1991, Human Appeal has stood alongside Palestine, providing lifesaving aid and support. Help us continue this vital work. Your donation can make all the difference to our Palestinian brothers and sisters from the Jenin camp community who are in desperate need.

Help us to support families in the holy land of Palestine. Give mercy now.

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