TV Live Appeal: Children of the Ummah

Mohammed Ali

Tune into ARY World / New Vision TV (Sky 736) now and transform the lives of children who are orphaned or living on the streets. This Ramadan, support the Children of the Ummah.

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Join our presenter, Iqrar Ul Hassan live all night on ARY World / New Vision TV (Sky 736 or Virgin 819) from 9pm.

£200 - Street Children Fund

£420 / £35pm - Orphan sponsorship - help to cover the cost of food, shelter, clothes, healthcare and learning materials.

£720 / £60pm - Street child sponsorship - provide food, a safe space, healthcare, counselling, education and skill development, giving them a way out of abuse and exploitation.

£1,440 / £120pm – Sponsor 2 street children for one year with all of the above.

On this blessed 23rd night of Ramadan, join us for our Children of the Ummah live appeal, honouring the mercy and kindness that Muhammad (PBUH) showed towards children.

There are 153 million children living on the streets, and, every day, almost 10,000 more children are made orphans. That’s far too many little ones without anyone to protect them.

When you sponsor an orphan, you’ll help to cover the costs of their shelter, food, healthcare, clothes, and learning materials, removing the burden of their caregiver and helping them to stay in school.

And when you donate to our street child support centres, you provide a child with healthcare, psychological support, a safe space, food and skill developments.

30 years of changing lives

For 30 years, thanks to generous supporters like you, we’ve been there for human beings in need - when and where most needed. Whether we are empowering communities with long-term, sustainable solutions, providing life-saving emergency aid, or campaigning for change, we could not do what we do without you. Change starts with us.

Donate, and support the Children of the Ummah today.

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The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “I was informed of (the date of the Night of Qadr) but I was caused to forget it; so search for it in the odd nights of the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan.”


Change lives, and reap the multiplied rewards of the 23rd night of Ramadan.

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