Bangladesh family food parcel

Bangladesh family food parcel


FTF Food Parcel Bangladesh

“Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward as the fasting person, without his reward being diminished at all." (Ibn Khuzaymah)

£55 – provide iftar to a fasting family in Bangladesh for a month.

Almost a third of Bangladeshis don’t have enough to eat; including over 11 million living with extreme hunger.

In Cox’s Bazar, 850,000 Rohingya refugees are still living in overcrowded and neglected camps, having fled a bloody and brutal persecution in Myanmar.

Be a mercy to a vulnerable family in Bangladesh. Give £55 and provide an entire family with enough food to last the whole month of Ramadan, helping them to observe fasting without worrying when their next meal will come.

Our Feed the Fasting campaign helps you to spread mercy, and receive Allah’s mercy in the holy month.

Give £55 today, and we’ll make sure it gets to a vulnerable Bangladeshi or Rohingya family this Ramadan, allowing them to be free to worship, fast, and remember Allah, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to struggle for their next meal.

What will each parcel provide?

When you give £55, you’ll provide a parcel with staple local foods, ingredients for Ramadan, and nutritionally-rich items, so that vulnerable families can observe their fast without worrying if they’ll have anything to eat at maghrib.

Each parcel will provide a family-of-six with around 33 kilograms of nutritious food, adapted to the local diet. When you donate to a family in Bangladesh, they’ll receive rice, flour, sugar, vermicelli, lentils, milk powder, dates and oil.

Why give with Human Appeal?

We’ve been feeding fasting families for over 30 years, in which time we’ve developed streamlined programmes that put the needs of the communities we help first. Last Ramadan, your charity allowed us to provide 178,627 people with iftar across 10 countries, including 7,105 people in Bangladesh.

This year, we need your help to support the many vulnerable families, who are facing hunger and job insecurity as the effects of the pandemic continue to damage livelihoods.

Share an iftar with a vulnerable family, and reap the mercy of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Give mercy now.

Please note, if sufficient funds are not raised for a particular project, your donation may be reallocated to where the need is greatest.