Winter Emergency Appeal

Two young children in Iraq out in the cold

Winter is here, and each night, over 80 million people are out in the cold. Snow, freezing temperatures, and floods have arrived. Help a family to survive winter by providing heating, warm clothes, mattresses, blankets and waterproof sheeting across 10 countries. Winter kills.

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Families are being left behind this winter

82.4 million people are out in the cold

“No Muslim clothes a Muslim with a garment, except that he is under the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it remains upon him.” (Tirmidhi)

£70 will provide a vulnerable family in Lebanon with life-saving food and fuel to help keep them warm and nourished all winter.

£100 protects a Syrian family from the cold by providing a heater and fuel to keep them warm this winter.

£170 provides an entire family in Gaza with warm winter clothing and heating for two months.

Sharing our blessings with marginalised families is so precious in Islam, and it comes with great blessings:

Winter has arrived. Each night, families face bitter winds, freezing temperatures, flooding, and even snowstorms, often with little more than a tent or tin roof to protect them.

82.4 million people are out in the cold this winter. When you’re displaced, winter isn’t just cold, winter kills.

Gaza has already faced extreme flooding, which seeps into homes that were already weakened by May’s bombings.

In Lebanon, the snow has already arrived; for Syrian refugees living in tents in the mountains, it is unbearably cold.

A cold snap has hit Bangladesh, leaving Dhaka’s street children with nowhere to turn for warmth.

Your help is needed now to save lives this winter.

Don’t look away

This winter, millions of people are struggling to stay warm. Right now, we’re working across 10 countries to help 90,000 people to stay warm, but we need your help to achieve this.

As families struggle with unbearable cold, they face impossible decision of choosing between food and warmth. That’s why we’re also providing food parcels as part of our campaign, helping families to stay both warm and nourished.

Millions are being left behind this winter. Help us to spread warmth.

Our COVID-safe winter distribution

This winter, we have worked hard to implement stringent COVID-19 measures, ensuring all distributions are carried out in a COVID-safe way. This includes phased collections and social distancing, the wearing of face coverings, hand sanitizers, and a dedicated team member overseeing safety at every collection point.

Thank you for remembering them

You supported over 70,000 people last winter.

For 30 years, thanks to your support, we have been there for human beings in desperate need during the winter months. Last winter alone, as biting winds, snowstorms, and sub-zero temperatures battered camps and flimsy shelters, you provided 40,998 people across nine countries with emergency aid, including nourishing food, warm winter clothing, shelter reinforcements and heating, while supporting our long-term winter solutions, including water, healthcare, permanent housing and farming and support for street children and orphans. In the UK too, you provided 29,033 people with warm winter coats, including homeless people, refugees, children living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence.

Winter kills.

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Let's leave no one behind this winter

My daughter cries all night. I cry with her

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“No Muslim clothes a Muslim with a garment, except that he is under the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it remains upon him.”


Millions of lives are on the line right now, so please don’t turn away. Give your warmth. If everyone were to help someone this winter, no one would get left behind. Winter kills.

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