Automate your donations across every single night of Ramadan, when Allah throws open the doors to Paradise.

Automate your donations across every single night of Ramadan, when Allah throws open the doors to Paradise.


Every night of Ramadan, Allah saves people from Hellfire. Automate your donations across every single night of Ramadan, and never miss an opportunity for blessings, mercy, and forgiveness.

“The gates of Paradise are opened and none of its gates are closed. A caller announces: O seeker of good, come near! O seeker of evil, stop short! Allah will save them from the Hellfire and that is during every night of Ramadan.” (Al Tirmidhi)

In Ramadan, good deeds are rewarded multiple times over, and the doors of Paradise are thrown open. With Human Appeal, it has never been easier to make sure you reap the many blessings of the holy month, every single night.

Automate your giving across every single blessed night of Ramadan. It’s fully customizable - you can give more during the last 10 nights, during odd nights, or even on the 27th night, which is often considered most likely to be Laylatul Qadr.

Simply put the amount that you would like to give across the whole month into the fund that you want to support. We can only accept donations of a minimum of £1 per night for every night of Ramadan, due to processing fees.

They’re your thirty nights. Seek forgiveness, seek Paradise, every single night.

How would you like to schedule your donation?

Select from the following options:

How much would you like to give to each fund?

Here you get to choose how your donation is distributed. Simply select the fund(s) you’d like to support and enter the amount you’d like to donate across Ramadan and we'll calculate the daily amounts for you.

Zakat Fund

If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind (5:32).

Save a life this Ramadan and reap the multiplied rewards of the holy month. Our 100% Zakat-applicable projects are sustainable and life-changing; you can provide clean water sources for years to come, train vulnerable people to have livelihoods, or create safe spaces for vulnerable women and street children. Change starts here; give your Zakat, change lives, and transform your hereafter, inshallah.

Sadaqah Fund

“The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Tirmidhi)

Donate to this fund, and you’ll be directly helping to improve lives through our projects that qualify as Sadaqah. This Ramadan, we’ve prepared transformative Sadaqah projects: we’re working to provide nutritious food to families enduring malnutrition, we’re providing sustainable farms and livelihoods to those without an income, we’re delivering healthcare to people who have fled their homes in Syria and Yemen, we’re helping children to get off the street and back into education in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and we’re providing sustainable, clean water, improved education, and aquaponic farming in Palestine.

Give to this fund, and support high-quality, tailored projects across the globe.

Orphan and Children's Fund

“Whoever does not show mercy to our young ones, or acknowledge the rights of our elders, is not one of us.” (Ahmad)

It’s our duty to protect the rights, dignity, and safety of the children of the Ummah. Donate to this fund and help us to provide orphans and marginalised children with food, shelter, water and clothes. The Messenger (PBUH) was gentle and merciful with all children that he met, and worked to protect the rights of disadvantaged children. Honour that legacy, and reap the multiplied blessings of Ramadan.

Water Fund

‘’The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

Provide the best charity in this holy month, and reap the multiplied blessings of the holy month. This Ramadan, we need your help to install sustainable water wells and innovative hydroponics in Pakistan, and a desalination plant and sustainable aquaponics in Palestine. These systems transform entire communities, helping to lift people out of poverty and sickness for good. Give the best charity this Ramadan. Change starts here.

Feed the Fasting

“Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell.” (Ibn Khuzaymah)

Multiply your rewards this Ramadan by providing iftar to families across 8 countries. Whoever helps a person to break their fast by providing iftar is promised the same reward as the person who fasted. It’s a beautiful act that can double the reward of your fast, every single day. You can still give to this fund and support a family for the entire month of Ramadan, since we pre-allocate food parcels at the start of Ramadan, which you can fund at any point in the holy month.



Since we’re not sure if Ramadan will last 29 or 30 days from the outset, we have to arrange for your donations to continue to the 30th day, regardless of when Ramadan ends, just to make sure you benefit from the full month.