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If you miss any fasts this Ramadan, pay your Fidya or Kaffarah without delay, and provide food to vulnerable people.

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Fidya and Kaffarah

If you miss or break any fasts this Ramadan, then you must make up for them, either by fasting, or by donations known as Fidya and Kaffarah.

£5 – Fidya - provides two meals for missing one fast with a valid reason.

£300 – Kaffarah - provides a meal to 60 people and compensates for one deliberately broken fast.

If you have a valid reason not to fast – if you are nursing, travelling, or unwell, then it’s preferable to make that day up at a later date. Alternatively, you can pay Fidya for each day missed, providing two meals to a vulnerable person this Ramadan.

If you deliberately break or skip a fast without a valid reason, you must fast 60 consecutive days, or pay Kaffarah, which provides a meal to 60 people this Ramadan.

Fidya or Kaffarah?

Fidya – Pay this if you skip a fast but have a valid reason to do so. A Fidya donation must provide two meals to a vulnerable person and you can fulfil this duty quickly and easily through Human Appeal for just £5.

Kaffarah – If you deliberately miss or break a fast without a valid reason you must either fast for 60 consecutive days or provide 60 vulnerable people with a meal costing £5, for a total of £300 per fasting day missed.

Why give your Fidya and Kaffarah through Human Appeal?

We’ve been carrying out your Fidya and Kaffarah compensations for 30 years. When it comes to matters as important as recompensing for missed fasts, experience is absolutely key. We have longstanding, but regularly updated and assessed, systems in place to make sure that your Fidya or Kaffarah is carried out in a timely and efficient manner, while providing nutritious food to those who need it most in Syria and Pakistan.

Compensate for your missed fasts, and help to make Ramadan easier for the most vulnerable.

Pay your Fidya or Kaffarah today.

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Donate your Fidya and Kaffarah through Human Appeal today.

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