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Pay your Fidya or Kaffarah

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Fidya and Kaffarah

If you miss any fasts this Ramadan then you must make up for them, either by fasting, or by donations known as Fidya and Kaffarah.

If you skip a fast but have a valid reason to do so, you should pay Fidya.

If you deliberately miss or break a fast without a valid reason, you must pay Kaffarah.

If you miss a fast during Ramadan it is preferable to make it up at a later date if you are able to – this is often possible for those who missed their fasts due to pregnancy, sickness or travel.

But Muslims who are elderly, nursing, too unwell to make up their missed fasts, or who must continue to take medication, may compensate for days missed by paying a donation known as Fidya, which is payable for each day missed.

A Fidya donation must provide two meals to a poor person and you can fulfil this duty quickly and easily though Human Appeal.

£5 will provide two meals for missing a single fast in Ramadan

£25 will provide ten meals for missing five fasts in Ramadan

£150 will provide two meals a day for 30 days for not being able to fast throughout Ramadan

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Kaffarah for intentionally missed fasts

Certain conditions permit people to forgo fasting in Ramadan. But those who skipped even one day of Ramadan without good reason must either pay Kaffarah, or fast for 60 days per missed fast without any interruption – though women may pause this fast for the days of menstruation.

Kaffarah requires you to feed 60 people and, through our Feed the Fasting campaign you can make amends for breaking your fast.

£300 will provide meals to 60 people and compensate for a deliberately broken fast. Turn your missed fast into something beneficial for vulnerable, hungry people who struggle to find food for iftar, and donate your Kaffarah through Human Appeal today.

One donation can make a world of difference to a hungry person this Ramadan.

Donate your Fidya or Kaffarah through Human Appeal today

Donate your Fidya and Kaffarah through Human Appeal today.

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