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Fidya 1 day

Fidya 1 day

Fidya 1 day

[Fast a] prescribed number of days. But whoever of you is ill or on a journey, then ˹let them fast˺ an equal number of days [after Ramaḍan]. For those who can only fast with extreme difficulty, compensation can be made by feeding a needy person [for every day not fasted]. But whoever volunteers to give more, it is better for them. And to fast is better for you, if only you knew. (Quran 2:184)

£6.50 – Fidya 1 day. Provides two meals to a vulnerable person. Choose this option if you missed one day of fasting with a valid reason.

£32.50 – Fidya 5 days. Provides ten meals. Choose this option if you missed five days of fasting with a valid reason.

£195 – Fidya one month. Provides 60 meals. Choose this option if you missed the entire month of Ramadan with a valid reason.

If you missed a fast last Ramadan or are unable to fast this Ramadan with a valid reason (such as sickness, travel, or pregnancy), then you must make up for these fasts – either by fasting at a later date, or, if you’re not able to make up this fast, by donating Fidya for each day missed. It costs £6.50 per missed fast, and will help a vulnerable person to eat nutritious iftars this Ramadan.

Even if you’ve not been able to fast, the blessing of Fidya is that you’re still help a vulnerable person to fast this Ramadan, knowing that they have a filling meal to nourish them at Maghrib.

Purify yourself in time for Ramadan by compensating for your missed fasts.

How does it work?

If you missed a fast last Ramadan because you were unwell, nursing, pregnant, or travelling, then you must make this up – either by fasting the days missed, or, if you’re unlikely to be able to make up this fast, by paying Fidya, which should provide two meals to another person per missed fast. This year, Fidya costs £6.50 per fasting day missed.

If you know that you won’t be able to make up the fasts you’ll miss this Ramadan at a later date, then it’s preferable to pay your Fidya in advance, so that you can help vulnerable people to break their fast during Ramadan.

Why give your Fidya through Human Appeal?

We’ve been carrying out your Fidya compensations for 32 years. When it comes to matters as important as recompensing for missed fasts, experience is absolutely key. We have longstanding, but regularly updated and assessed, systems in place to make sure that your Fidya is carried out in in a timely and efficient manner, adhering to Islamic guidelines while providing nutritious food to those who need it most this Ramadan.

Pay your Fidya today, and help to feed vulnerable people this Ramadan.

Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or programme that you select. In the event we complete the programme, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another programme where it is needed most. Please note that items in Gaza are subject to change regularly; in the event that we cannot secure specific items, we will instruct for items that are very similar. The implementation timeline for Gaza is uncertain; the project may not be fully realised during Ramadan.



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