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Food Fund

“He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbour to his side goes hungry.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

£70 - Provide a family-of-six with enough nutritious food to last them one whole month.

£30 - Provide a Syrian family with 2 bread deliveries per week for 2 months.

Every night one in nine people will go to bed hungry; vulnerable people are often given no choice but to eat food without nutrients, eat insufficiently, or not eat at all. With the continuing spread of COVID-19, the search for work is even more risky, especially for the most at-risk families.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), more children die each year as a result of under nutrition than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. A staggering 45% of all deaths among children under 5 are caused by malnutrition.

Donate to our food fund and allow us to support vulnerable people struggling for food, whenever and wherever they need it.

Donate to our food fund today.