Aqiqa (Boy)


Aqiqa (Boy)
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“Every child is held in pledge for his ‘aqeeqah, which should be slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day, and he should be shaved and given his name.” Prophet (saw)

Congratulations for the precious little boy who has entered upon you! Celebrate the birth of your loving child by fulfilling the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) through the sacrifice of two animals.

Aqiqa is a fruitful blessing which involves distributing meat to those less fortunate, struggling to find food on a daily basis. Additionally, this brings plenty of rewards to your scale of good deeds. It is preferred for Aqiqa to be performed on the seventh day after the birth of the new born. You can trust Human Appeal to take care of your donation and Aqiqa process in the best of ways, ensuring that your celebrations are spiritually, extra special.