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Kaffarah – deliberately missed or broken fasts

Did you skip or break your fast last Ramadan, without a valid reason? Certain conditions permit people to forgo fasting in Ramadan; if you are sick, elderly, pregnant, nursing, travelling or on medication, then you have a legitimate excuse not to fast and must only pay Fidya.

But those who skipped even one day of Ramadan without good reason must either pay Kaffarah, or fast for 60 days per missed fast without any interruption – though women may pause this fast for the days of menstruation.

Kaffarah requires you to feed 60 people two full meals for every day that you broke or missed a fast. With Human Appeal you can quickly and easily make amends for this by donating £300 to our Feed the Fasting project.

Pay your Kaffarah

Feed the Fasting provides hot meals and food parcels to vulnerable people across the world.

This year, we’re focusing on seven countries that desperately need support: Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

Many are already vulnerable communities that are hosting people who have fled violence; others are witnessing a high number of returnees, and more, still, are struggling communities experiencing poverty, conflict and food insecurity. One donation can make all the difference to a person who doesn’t know when their next meal will come.

By performing your Kaffarah with Human Appeal, you can turn your missed fast into something beneficial for vulnerable, hungry people who struggle to find food for iftar.

One donation can make a world of difference to a hungry person this Ramadan.

Donate your Kaffarah through Human Appeal today