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Empowering women: Sakina Centre

''In the Quran, Allah Almighty advises us to stand up for justice: “O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah.” (4:135)''

£30 – Save 1 woman.

£150 - Save 5 women.

£500 – Ultimate 20 – save 20 women

Help vulnerable women and families to recover from the violence of war in Iraq by improving awareness about gender-based violence, providing psycho-social support and helping women who are breadwinners to build the skills to have sustainable livelihoods so they can support their families.

The Messenger’s (PBUH) final words on this earth warned men to be good to women. Yet, still, hundreds of years later, many men who follow the prophet’s example fail to heed this message.

Iraq’s most vulnerable women face violence, poverty and exploitation

An estimated 6.7 million people in Iraq, including 3.3 million women and girls need some form of humanitarian assistance and protection. Women and children are exposed to multiple risks, including exploitation, gender-based violence, child labour, and child marriage.

This project focuses on at-risk communities, such as female breadwinners, marginalized children, and people with disabilities. By working with all sides of the community, we’re helping to lift everyone out of poverty, together.

Sakina Centre: creating safe, caring spaces

With your help, our Sakina Centre in Nineveh will advocate against gender-based violence (GBV) and run classes to raise awareness about the duty of kindness towards women.

Our centre will offer training on business, marketing, and will provide 60 business grants and 60 job apprenticeships to women.

We will train 80 men and 80 women on preventing and responding to GBV and we’ll train 10 women to become lead trainers, who will sustain the work of the Sakina Centre by continuing to train women with vocational skills.

How Sakina Centre has changed lives

Human Appeal has been working in Iraq since 2016, and our Sakina Centre has been transforming lives since 2018. In its first year, it reached 4,679 people with awareness workshops, vocational skills training, psycho-social support, and by helping women experiencing gender-based violence. In 2019, we helped 4,037 women and children through our social, livelihood, legal and psychological activities.

Please give £150 and help us to transform the lives of vulnerable women and girls in Iraq..