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Sustainable Livelihoods

Many people in the world don’t get the head-start in life that we take for granted. It’s hard to support your family when you have grown up without access to education, healthcare and opportunities to make a living. It’s hard to provide your children with the education you never had.

£15 provides a Palestinian family with an olive tree.

£125 provides a Pakistani woman with a sewing machine, and training launch a tailoring business

£375 provides a vulnerable person with the training and equipment to run – and sustain – a bee farm.

At Human Appeal, we are determined to help break that cycle with our innovative livelihoods projects. We’ve witnessed how one donation can drastically change the future for an entire family, giving them the skill and equipment to have a long-term, sustainable income.

From beekeeping to vocational training centres, from planting olive trees, to providing women with sewing businesses, we’ve been supporting some of the world’s most marginalised communities to empower themselves through small-scale businesses.

Our work so far

Last year, we provided hundreds of people with the training, financial skills and equipment to start their own businesses. In Jordan we trained 150 Syrians and Jordanians to become chefs or tailors. In Pakistan we provided vulnerable farmers with livestock battling drought with training to recover their livelihoods. In Iraq, we’re employing people to construct greenhouses, which we will then help them to lease to grow vegetables. In Gaza, we’re supporting young graduates to launch agribusinesses, training carpenters, and supporting local farmers.

Over the coming months in Mosul, Iraq, your donations will provide small business grants to business owners who lost their assets in the conflict, and, in Somalia, we’ll be helping 1,200 vulnerable farmers in drought-hit Southern Somalia to restore their livelihoods by providing them with 27 kilograms of drought-resistant seeds.

Support our Livelihoods Fund and help vulnerable people to break the cycle of poverty.