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You're Not a Donor. You're a Lifeline

You’re Not a Donor. You’re a Lifeline

Human Appeal has just launched our Winter Appeal 2018. Sadly, our winter emergency response is needed, this year, more than ever. 

The global displacement crisis is getting worse, not better. Every two seconds, a person is uprooted from their home due to conflict or persecution. 68.5 million people are now displaced. There are 25.4 million refugees and 40 million internally displaced people, while homelessness in the UK has risen for the seventh year running.

This isn’t an Appeal 

Winter is extremely hard to bear for conflict and poverty-affected families whose lives have already been torn apart.

It’s why our Winter Emergency Appeal isn’t just an appeal.  Our Winter Food Pack is not just a food pack. Our Winter Emergency Blanket is not just a blanket. Our Winter Emergency Shelter is not just shelter. They are so much more. They are nourishment. Warmth. Protection. A lifeline.

Just one Winter Survival Pack is a lifeline, containing warm winter wear like woolly hats, gloves, socks and shawls, as well as warm blankets. Just one Winter Food Pack contains nourishing items, such as sugar, rice, lentils, chickpeas, beans spaghetti, oil and cheese, which can sustain a family of between five to seven people with hot meals for a whole month. 

Likewise, our Winter Emergency Shelter will provide enhanced protection for displaced families in Iraq. Constructed to last for five years, they will support the family to rebuild their lives and transition back to their place of origin, while the shelters can also be repurposed in the construction of their new homes.

Here, at home too, our UK Winter Appeal – A Bed Every Night – in partnership Manchester City Council and Riverside Group, will provide vulnerable people with a warm bed, a hot meal, a hot shower, and access to a support worker throughout winter. So, this is a real chance for rough sleepers to come off the streets for good and regain their dignity. This isn’t just a bed every night – it’s a chance for real change.

This is just a snapshot of the work we are doing this winter.

This is a Lifeline

Our winter emergency charity is essential for thousands for people who have only our kindness and generosity to depend upon during the bitter, cold months.

Find out more about our essential work this winter and how you can help displaced, refugee and homeless people in desperate need.

Thanks for Being a Lifeline Last Winter 

Last winter, thanks to you, 390 families in Yemen and 300 refugee families in Jordan were provided with winter aid. In Bangladesh, you gave 1,000 Rohingya refugee families a lifeline and, in Pakistan, 357 orphan families were helped. In Lebanon, you gave 400 refugees emergency winter packs and 325 families heating oil. In Palestine, you helped 1,209 children by providing warm clothing, while in Syria, 1,397 people received your emergency winter kits, including 1,311 children and 86 widows. Here in the UK too, you helped us to collect 21,124 coats for vulnerable people.

This winter, please provide a lifeline to those in desperate need. Support our Winter Fund. When all is said and done, you are not a donor and we are not a charity. Together, we are lifesavers. 

Donate to our Winter Appeal

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