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Feed a Fasting Family for a Month

Feed a Fasting Family for a Month

Feed a Fasting Family for a Month

“Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast, shall have his sins forgiven, and he will be saved from the Fire of Hell, and he shall have the same reward as the fasting person, without his reward being diminished at all." (Ibn Khuzaymah)

£65 – provide a Ramadan family food parcel in Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, or Syria, to last the entire month of Ramadan.

Spread mercy this Ramadan. When you donate just £65, you can help a family of 5 or 6 people, on average, to eat well this Ramadan, providing them with a food parcel packed with essential and nutritious food, while reaping the multiplied rewards of the holy month.

A mercy to families in conflict and crisis

In Lebanon, food prices have soared since the Beirut explosion, pushing families into extreme poverty. Your food parcels will help Palestinian and Syrian refugees, as well as vulnerable Lebanese families to eat well.

In Morocco, communities are struggling to recover from October’s earthquake and a dry winter, which has made basic staples unaffordable.

This Ramadan, we’re focusing on supporting widows and orphaned children across Morocco. In Nigeria, social stigma makes it almost impossible for widows to earn a decent living.

In Syria, we’re supporting displaced families in Idlib, who have not only endured years of conflict, but also the recent earthquakes which pushed them to the brink. With soaring food prices and more than 12 million people who don’t have reliable access to food, your support is critical in helping them to stay nourished this Ramadan.

With your help, we can help to provide nutritious meals this Ramadan, helping families to eat well and to observe Ramadan, without worrying where their next meal will come from.

What does my donation provide?

With so many families struggling this year, we’ll be distributing your food parcels across 14 countries, and packing them with nutritious, locally-tailored food items. Each pack will contain an average of 58 kilograms of staples, such as sugar, rice, and flour, as well as local preferences, such as chickpeas, lentils, tea, milk powder or pasta.

This Ramadan, spread mercy, and reap the multiplied blessings of the holy month.

Why give with Human Appeal?

With over 32 years of experience sourcing and distributing iftars in local communities, in which time we’ve developed streamlined programmes that put the needs of the communities we help first. We help your donation to go further by getting the best prices and quality of food, which means that more of your donation goes directly to those who need it most.

Last year, we helped 773,426 people to eat well with food parcels and nutrition projects.

If you want to feed fasting families, making sure your donation is in capable hands, that know how to make your money go further, then entrust Human Appeal with your charity this Ramadan.

Donate, and change Ramadan for a hungry family struggling to find food for iftar. Be a mercy in this month of mercy.

Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or programme that you select. In the event we complete the programme, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another programme where it is needed most.



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