Qurbani - Where Most Needed


Qurbani - Where Most Needed
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Qurbani where most needed

And those within whose wealth is a known right for the petitioner and the deprived (Quran 70:24-25)

£75 will help us to deliver Qurbani to those who need it most.

For £75, you can entrust your sacrifice to experienced, caring hands – we’ll source healthy, cared-for animals from local farmers, and distribute four kilos of nutritional meat to each vulnerable family; many of whom will only get the chance to eat meat once a year.

Around the world, 820 million people are going hungry, with many more at risk and struggling to provide for themselves as COVID-rips across the globe.

Human Appeal has been performing Qurbani for 29 years. Last year, your donations provided meat to over 240,231 people in 8 countries, allowing them to share the joy of Eid al-Adha.

Just £75 will help us to deliver your Qurbani to whoever needs it the most, following in the footsteps of Ibrahim (AS).

Give your Qurbani today.