Hamida's Medical Fund

Hamida's Medical Fund

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Your mercy can cure cancer

Hamida was displaced from Hudaida in Yemen due to the ongoing conflict. Malnourished and struggling with a life-threatening illness, she is now the breadwinner for 14 people, including her eight children - two of whom are disabled – and her grandchildren.

One of Hamida’s daughters has three brain tumours. Although her illness made her lose her ability to walk, she had medical treatment that restored her mobility, but she still needs ongoing medical care that the family cannot afford. If this were not challenging enough, Hamida has malignant ovarian cancer. Her immunity and calcium levels are now low, and her kidney and liver functions are beginning to fail. The family, who regularly go days without eating, cannot afford adequate nutrition essential to health and healing and Hamida is utterly exhausted and suffers from constant vomiting.

Without your mercy, Hamida has no way of accessing the urgent healthcare that she and her family desperately need to survive. This Ramadan, please show your mercy and provide Hamida’s family with lifesaving surgery and healthcare today.