Gaza Health Crisis

destroyed building in gaza with emergency workers

Recent escalations in violence and the spread of COVID-19 are intensifying the pressures on Gaza’s already collapsing health and water infrastructure. Please help us to provide life-saving medical supplies and safe water today.

Gaza water fund

Thousands of Palestinian lives are at risk

“Whoever saves one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Qur’an, 5:32]

£XXX Provide Gaza’s hospitals and health centres with life-saving medical supplies

£XXX Help purify Gaza’s entire water supply and save lives The ongoing blockade and cycles of conflict have been eroding Gaza’s entire infrastructure for decades, resulting in a collapsing healthcare system and a contaminated water supply. Due to severe shortages of critical medical equipment and medicines, along with frequent power cuts lasting up to 20 hours a day, hospitals were already struggling to cope. Now, with recent escalations of violence and rising cases of COVID-19, thousands of lives are at risk.

Gaza is also suffering from an ongoing water crisis, with 97 per cent of the water unfit for human consumption. Some 2.1 million people, the entire population of Gaza, are at risk of waterborne diseases, such as kidney failure, dehydration, and fatal diarrheal disease.

How you can help

Human Appeal is responding to the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s urgent appeal to prepare for possible imminent violations in Gaza as security deteriorates. We have also partnered with UNOCHA to purify Gaza’s entire water network and distribution system through the provision of chlorine in the Gaza Strip.

Save lives with essential medical care

According to UNOCHA, as of June 2020, 73 Palestinian people had died due to a lack of healthcare because of coronavirus, while 1,200 patients were unable to access the life-saving medical care they desperately needed because of COVID-19. With your help we can provide basic and essential medical drugs and disposables to 14 Ministry of Health hospitals and 54 Primary Healthcare Centres, helping to save and sustain the lives of 120,000 people directly, and 360,000 indirectly (480,000 in total).

Safe water for the entire population of Gaza

Currently, Human Appeal is the only NGO chlorinating the water network in the Gaza strip. Since April 2020, we have been partnering with UNOCHA to purify the entire water network and distribution system through the provision of chlorine in the Gaza Strip, including 284 water wells, 55 water reservoirs, 26 water lifting and booster stations, over 2,987km of water networks and carrier lines and 48 water desalination plants, benefiting 2.1 million people – the entire population of Gaza. Please help us to save and sustain lives in Palestine. Donate to our Gaza Health Crisis Appeal today.

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