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Bringing safe water to three villages in Iraq

In villages throughout Iraq, water is alarmingly scarce.

Conflict, economic instability, rising agricultural demand, poor water management and climate change have all conspired to endanger some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

Limited access to clean and safely managed water services has a particularly devastating effect on children.

Some are having to walk miles just to get water they can be sure won’t harm them or their families, when they should be in school or playing with friends.

Many families have even been forced to abandon their villages altogether, leaving the most vulnerable behind.

It’s a dire situation that risks children’s health, nutrition, ability to learn, and future livelihoods. Not to mention their happiness.

But with your donations we’re helping to bring about change.

The money you have given us has helped us to fund our Iraq Water project. This vital initiative has seen Human Appeal target two villages (Al-Nofely and Irfia’a) in need of safe drinking water and improved sanitation, along with another village (Tel-Alreg) that would benefit from water awareness sessions.

And we’ve already made a huge difference to families here.

Working alongside community committees, the local water department, and the Dijla Agricultural Association, we helped to reinstate three water wells and also deliver an effective awareness campaign.

Now, the whole population of Al-Nofely and Irfia’a has access to safe drinking water. Now, living conditions here are much safer and healthier and there’s been a significant reduction in the need to buy bottled water.

With your help we’ve been able to teach families across all three villages how to use water in the best way to ensure optimum health and avoid wasting this precious resource.

Human Appeal has been working in Iraq since 2016. We supported over 118,000 people in 2018, providing protection, improving education facilities, and delivering food to vulnerable children.

It’s kind souls like you who help us to transform lives by providing the best of charities in Iraq, revitalising livelihoods, recovering health and helping thousands of families to fight the spread of the COVID-19.

Now that is amazing.

Help us continue to provide the gift of clean drinking water to vulnerable communities in Iraq.

Giving the gift of clean water to vulnerable communities in Iraq

Giving the gift of clean water to vulnerable communities in Iraq

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