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Solar-powered clean water in Iraq

Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward? (57:11)

People in Basra have survived years of horrifying conflict, only to find themselves struggling to access clean water today. According to the local health directorate, 50% of water in Basra is contaminated by bacteria, and 100% is contaminated by chemicals.

Over the course of just four months last year, up to 100,000 people in Basra were hospitalised for water-related illnesses. Videos of the local waterway – Shatt al-Arab – show the water as black, polluted and crusted with salt. Hospitals are struggling to keep up, and frequent power outages have compounded the situation even further.

In short, clean water is critically, urgently needed in Basra.

Give the gift of clean water

We need your help in providing 2,700 people across three villages in al-Zubair, Basra, with a solar-powered water purification unit, through a sanitising technology known as reverse osmosis.

Each of the three units will provide 900 people with what the Prophet (PBUH) described as the best charity – safe, clean water to drink. The units will clean 30,000 litres of water in just ten hours, and – during the night – the power produced can provide energy that can be used to light local areas.

This project has the power to transform a community, by providing a combined solution to the energy and water shortages. One donation will change a community.

£65 provides one person with solar-powered clean water and energy.

£195 provides three people with solar-powered clean water and energy.

£390 provides a whole family with solar-powered clean water and energy.

This project will benefit 2,700 people

Human Appeal’s work in Iraq

Human Appeal has been working in Iraq since 2016. Last year, we helped over 220,000 people across seven governorates. One of our key focuses was protection – helping displaced people and returnees to get back on their feet in a safe environment. We helped women experiencing gender-based violence, and raised awareness about women’s protection through workshops and training. We assessed the safety of 1,500 homes, and installed 600 robust refugee housing units with solar panels.

Whatever the challenges people face, we adapt our work to help them. Support families in Basra who are struggling for clean water, and provide the best of charities.

It only takes one droplet to start a ripple; one person to make all the difference.