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A little Syrian boy with third degree burns

Oudai Hassan is only three years old. He lives with his family in thin, nylon tent in a refugee camp in Lebanon. In winter, temperatures drop below zero and his family is forced to carefully ration the small amount of fuel they have for heating.

One day, Oudai bumped into the family’s stove heater and boiling water poured out. His little body was badly scalded and he suffered third-degree burns. The small boy howled in dreadful pain as his skin blistered and turned white.

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Oudai can’t recover without food and warmth

For his body to heal, he must stay warm and dry. Unfortunately, this is impossible in a leaking tent that lets in the icy rain and snow. Oudai needs to eat nourishing food to help his skin cells to regenerate, but his parents can barely provide enough food for the innocent boy to survive. 

Every night, little Oudai goes to bed weeping because his burns are so painful and his stomach is empty. Without a warm, dry place to sleep or nutritious food, he can’t get better. 

Millions of Syrian families are suffering this winter

Oudai’s family was forced to flee their home in Syria when the conflict began. Oudai was born in the shadow of the Syrian crisis and he has never known a life of peace or stability. Along with his brothers and sisters, Oudai has witnessed horrors that no small child should ever experience.

The Hassan family’s situation is not unique. Their story is almost identical to millions of others as families with young children in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan struggle to survive the winter months without the most basic necessities. 

The Syrian crisis is now entering its eighth year. Since 2011, 5.5 million people have been forced to flee the country due to devastating violence. Civilian families are living as refugees in neighbouring states, often in squalid camp conditions.

Syrian refugees cannot legally work and this leaves parents with few opportunities to earn money to support their little ones and provide them with the food and shelter they need to endure the winter. For children, pregnant women, the elderly and the sick or disabled, winter can be a cold-hearted killer.

Syrian children like Oudai need your help

Human Appeal has been on the ground in Syria since the conflict first began add year, distributing lifesaving humanitarian aid to vulnerable families. However, we can only continue this vital work with your support.

Just £250 will give a family with poorly children like Oudai the shelter they need to stay dry when freezing rain and snow falls. £165 will provide a defenceless family with food, heating fuel, winter clothes and blankets so they can stay warm and dry in the bitter winter cold. A small gift of £65 will give a family of four enough food to stay well-nourished for a whole month.  

Your donation could mean the difference between life and death for a Syrian child.

You can stop winter killing today. 

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