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Qurbani in Kashmir

When the Messenger (PBUH) was asked what Qurbani is, he answered, “It is the Sunnah of your father Ibrahim. For every hair of the Qurbani you receive a reward from Allah.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

For £70, give your Qurbani in Kashmir, and continue the legacy of Ibrahim (AS).

For £70, our experienced, caring local staff will deliver your sacrifice to the most vulnerable in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. We source healthy, cared-for cows from local farmers, and distribute 4 kilograms of nutritious meat to each vulnerable family. Often, Qurbani is a family’s only chance to eat meat in the year.

Last year, each Qurbani donated in Pakistan-administered Kashmir provided 17kg of beef, with each family receiving 5 kilograms.

The catastrophic water shortage in Pakistan has crippled healthcare infrastructure, livelihoods and access to food. A staggering 60% of people do not have reliable access to food, and the average household spends over half of its income just on food. We have 3 decades of experience delivering Qurbani, and we’ve been working in Pakistan for 15 years. Last year, you helped us to provide nutritious Qurbani meat to 11,798 people in Kashmir.

Follow in the footsteps of the prophets by performing this blessed sacrifice. Help us protect people from exposing themselves to the virus just to afford to eat.

Give your Qurbani today.

Together we can fight hunger this Eid.