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Helping people to work their way out of poverty should be here instead of Empower and Save Lives

Many people in the world don’t get the head-start in life that we take for granted. It’s hard to support your family when you have grown up without access to education, healthcare and opportunities to make a living. It’s hard to provide for your children with the education you never had.

Deadly floods after severe droughts in east Africa displaced 332,000 people and have killed 183 people. 46.5% of Sudan is in poverty of which 3.5 million are food insecure. 45% of Somalis do not have access to safe water, and 37% do not have access to basic sanitation. In 2017, Somalia also faced a cholera outbreak and the threat of measles. The crises of 2017 only compounded an already struggling nation that has battled decades of political instability, armed violence and climate change.

In fact, staggering 73% of Somalis live below the poverty line and over six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance due to the ongoing drought.

We believe in empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty, but we can’t do this without your support. Please donate today to reduce the suffering and improve the livelihoods in East Africa today.

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Sewing a Future

Seventeen-year-old Fozia has lived with a disability since birth. In her small agricultural village, the quality of education and healthcare is poor.

Fozia’s father died when she was ten, with only her mother and 16-year-old brother to care for her. The family sold their belongings to pay for Fozia’s education but still it was not enough and eventually, Fozia had to leave school.

Her brother tried to earn a living to support the family, but it was a struggle, and Fozia wanted to help. She attended a sewing training course for six months at a government institute and once she finished, Human Appeal provided Fozia with a sewing machine.

Now Fozia is able to support her mother and brother by sewing clothes for her family and neighbours. Despite the hardship Fozia has faced, she has high hopes for the future. She told us, “I am confident that one day I will have a shop and that I’ll be the first women entrepreneur of my clan.”

Help more determined women like Fozia with the skills and tools they need to support their families.

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