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The people of Somalia are aching for our help

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Believe in the people of Somalia this Ramadan

The people of Somalia have been suffering after a severe drought, which heightened the already great risk of famine and left half of the entire country in desperate need of food. Sadly, the threat of famine persists, however with your help, we can help people recover, one family at a time

45% of Somalis do not have access to safe water, and 37% do not have access to basic sanitation. In 2017, Somalia also faced a cholera outbreak and the threat of measles. The crises of 2017 only compounded an already struggling nation that has battled decades of political instability, armed violence and climate change.

A staggering 73% of Somalis live below the poverty line and over six million people are in need of humanitarian assistance due to the ongoing drought.

We believe in empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty, but we can’t do this without your support. Please donate today to reduce the suffering and improve the livelihoods in Somalia today.

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Human Appeal's work in Somalia

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, our Somalia projects contribute to alleviating and reducing poverty through food security and sustainable livelihood interventions. We want to empower communities in Somalia to take care of themselves.

With your donations, we have:

  • Assisted a total of 53,745 people in Somalia in 2017.
  • Rehabilitated agricultural lands, provided irrigation channels and pumps to strengthen a community of 1,800 against natural disasters.
  • Rehabilitated sanitation infrastructure, provided hygiene kits and training, benefiting 17,400 people.
  • In five camps for displaced people, we trained Ministry of Health and camp management staff in hygiene promotion, clean-up campaigns, sanitation in response to the Cholera outbreak.
  • Provided 11,970 people with food during Ramadan.
  • Distributed meat to 15,525 people during Qurbani.

Believe, and help people in Somalia instead of This Ramadan help people who have been battling famine

Will improve wash facilities in mosques and madarasas for 3 people


Amina’s story

Mother-of-five Amina used to help her husband rear their livestock. But the severe drought brought on a struggle to survive, and then her husband was killed in a clan conflict. Amina began skipping meals to try to ensure her children had enough to eat, but the 35-year-old struggled since she was nursing her youngest child at the time.

Amina and her children left behind their home to seek help. They stopped at an agricultural village but couldn’t find the support they needed and so they left for a camp in Mogadishu. But even in the capital, Amina struggled to find food and safe shelter for her children. Neither Amina nor her children has been vaccinated and they don’t have access to medical care. Her older children haven’t been to school in over a year and Amina worries about them falling in with a dangerous militia, who often recruit young boys by promising a better life.

Last Ramadan, Amina and her family received a food parcel consisting of 30kg total of rice and flour, 10kg of sugar, 5kg of dates, as well as tea, cooking oil, milk powder and spaghetti. This food allowed Amina to fulfil her duty of Ramadan without worrying about food for herself or her six children

Believe, and help people in Somalia

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