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Two planes of antibiotics, anaesthesia, and winter clothes reach Gaza

Two planes of antibiotics, anaesthesia, and winter clothes reach Gaza

Alhamdulilah, Human Appeal has delivered two planes filled with aid to Gaza, in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization. We’ve provided 90 tons of medical aid, medicine and winter clothes, helping children to stay warm with winter coats, and providing critically needed medicines. Our £1.5 million-worth of aid, which we delivered to Al-Awda hospital, includes anaesthesia, items for surgery, rehabilitation, infant care, pain relief, and prenatal vitamins - all of which are urgently needed at hospitals in Gaza.

Right now, we’re loading up our third and fourth planes with another 30 tons of aid; they are due to fly to Egypt on 7 February, and then our local teams will take them onwards to Gaza overland.

It can’t be overstated how urgently medical items are needed in Gaza; these shipments are a lifeline to doctors and nurses working against the odds – often without light, clean water or electricity, under threat of bombing or siege inside hospitals. Doctors should never be forced to operate, amputate, or perform c-sections without anaesthesia, especially in a world where such medicines are easily available.

Thank you for supporting us, and for helping us to get the most urgently needed items to where they’re needed.

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