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Your aid reaches Gaza

Every year we help more and more vulnerable people, from the youngest to the oldest, survive freezing temperatures, flooding and all manner of natural disasters. The winter months can take a terrible toll on those who need our help most. At this very time, our CEO Dr Mohamed Ashmawey has been in Jordan preparing over $1million worth of medical aid, food parcels and winter clothes pallets to be flown to Egypt and then into Gaza via The Rafah Crossing. All of this is happening because of you, our donors. But we need to keep up our effort because without it people will starve, freeze and not survive to see the blessed month of Ramadan. Every donation protects lives and keeps the most vulnerable from the worst consequences possible.

Your aid reaches Gaza

Triple your mercy: Winter Barakah Kit saves lives!

Gaza Hot Meals

Hot meals in Gaza, providing rice and meat,

Winter Emergency Kit

A winter kit in Pakistan, helping a family affected by the floods to stay warm by providing two heavy quilts, two wool jumpers, four pairs of wool socks, and four wool hats,

Gaza Emergency Fund

And a contribution to our Gaza Emergency Fund, which provides food, shelter, medical aid, hygiene kits, and clean water in Gaza.

Please donate now and help us save lives this Winter. Thank you

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