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Three months on in Gaza

After over three months of terrifying violence in Gaza, the entire population of Gaza is facing a deadly and catastrophic shortage of basic needs including water, food, fuel, and shelter.

But every single day since October 7, our local team has continued working, delivering relief, true heroes who keep going in unimaginable conditions. This has only been possible thanks to your ongoing compassion and generosity.

In just a few months, you’ve helped us to support 415,890 people in Gaza. Here we’re chronicling some of the key items you’ve helped us to deliver.


7 October – Our team mobilises and takes stock of what items we have. Our relief response begins.

9 October – Human Appeal begins emergency distributions of food parcels and hygiene kits.

11 October – We provide over £70,000-worth of medical aid to Hayfa Hospital

16-27 October – As the bombardment intensified, we escalated our deliver of hot meals, hygiene kits, food parcels, and jerrycans of clean water.

31 October – As families face increasing violence, we delivered £40,000-worth of medical supplies to hospitals.


3-12 November – We turn our focus to maternal health, providing mothers with dignity kits, food parcels, hygiene kits, hot meals, fresh vegetables and clean water.

17 November – We establish mobile clinics and begin distributing and erecting waterproof and fire resistant steel-reinforced tents across 29 UNRWA school shelters.

18-27 November – Our team continues with daily deliveries, providing shelter, food, water, and hygiene kits.

28 November – Our water desalination plant, which was out of operation due to fuel shortages is operational again, and to this day continues to provide 52,000 litres of water every hour.

28 November – We launched a bread-making initiative, providing women with the ingredients to bake bread for their local community.


[Some milestones for December needed.]


18 January – We deliver a plane-load of medical supplies – 45 tons – to hospitals in Gaza. This shipment was worth over £1.1 million and included antibiotics and anaesthesia.

23 January - Our second plane load of medical aid left Jordan for Gaza, via Egypt.

24 January - Our convoy of three containers passed from Egypt into Gaza, containing 36 tons of food, as well as 2,000 mattresses and 2,000 blankets.

Your generosity has helped to ease the hardship that families in Gaza are facing. Every day, our team depends on your donations to help us to provide critical aid to families in Gaza. We can’t thank you enough for your support, compassion, and dedication.

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