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As the heartbreaking situation persists in Gaza, now three months on, it's only natural that our compassion and charitable efforts are directed toward the urgent needs of the Palestinian people. The combination of loss, illness, hunger, and sustained bombardment has led to a devastating convergence of human tragedy and infrastructural collapse.

And to make things worse winter has now taken a grip with freezing temperatures and flooding adding to the misery. At Human Appeal we are aware that winter is causing real difficulties and threatens thousands of vulnerable lives. So to help address this urgent need we have created a specific Winter fund package of immediate aid for a donation of just £70. The Winter Barakah Kit makes 3 important contributions on your behalf:

Gaza Hot Meals

Hot meals in Gaza, providing rice and meat,

Winter Emergency Kit

A winter kit in Pakistan, helping a family affected by the floods to stay warm by providing two heavy quilts, two wool jumpers, four pairs of wool socks, and four wool hats,

Gaza Emergency Fund

And a contribution to our Gaza Emergency Fund, which provides food, shelter, medical aid, hygiene kits, and clean water in Gaza.

Spread Barakah Worldwide

Lastly, but by no means least, your donation will also provide a family with a Winter Kit in Pakistan, where half of the families are living below the poverty line. Last year’s devastating floods left families struggling to survive after having lost crops, livestock and homes in the flooding. It is vital that these people are not forgotten about and your donation will provide food, blankets, hats and sweaters for those who need it most.

Please act now and make a £70 donation to our Winter Barakah Kit and help those people at the mercy of the winter season.

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