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Words from our staff on the ground

Human Appeal has been dedicated to serving Gaza since 1991 in coordination with our global UN partners. As the sole international aid charity with a constant presence on the ground, we deliver aid daily to address the urgent needs of the people.

The people of Gaza are currently facing unprecedented desperation. Your support allows us to distribute food parcels, hot meals, clean water, and medical supplies to those most in need.

A child in Gaza clinging to his guardian

Insights from a Gaza staff member

'Amid the dire and perilous conditions within the Gaza Strip, shelter schools have become our refuge. A lot of us are separated from our families, and with disrupted communications, this only intensifies the fear and loneliness, especially for the children. For the charity, the pressures of our work and the logistical hurdles of commuting after our shifts at Human Appeal add to our struggles during this emergency.

Tragedy struck close to home when my house bore the brunt of a direct bombing amidst the conflict, resulting in the loss of several of my beloved family. In the face of this personal devastation, I have found strength in our collective purpose at Human Appeal.

Since the outbreak of the war, our mission has been clear: to provide essential aid to those displaced by the conflict. We have tirelessly distributed your food, your health parcels, drinking water, and hot meals. These essentials are conspicuously absent within the confines of the shelter schools. So that's where we step in to help the most vulnerable on your behalf.

This week, realising the real scarcity of medical supplies, we have been supplying as much as we can to some of the largest remaining hospitals. The ongoing conflict has severely strained the resources available at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, making our intervention crucial in sustaining some sort of healthcare system.

In these trying times, our heartfelt gratitude goes to the compassionate donors who have stood with us, supporting our bereaved community. Their unwavering generosity has been a beacon of hope, enabling us to continue our vital work.'

Trusted since 1991

For 30 years, we have been on the ground in Palestine, allowing us to understand local needs and protocols, procure top-quality supplies at affordable prices, and maximize the impact of your donations. Our commitment remains unparalleled in these trying circumstances. As Muslims, we are bound to the people of Palestine not only by our faith but also by our humanity. Their suffering is our suffering, and their pain is our pain.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught, "Charity does not decrease wealth." When we give to those in need, Allah multiplies our blessings. By supporting our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we are not just providing relief; we are investing in our own hereafter, earning our place in Jannah.

Donate now, and multiply your blessings.

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