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Sustaining support amidst destruction

It's now a month since the conflict in Gaza began. It's estimated that a third of Gaza City has now been damaged or destroyed. The people there are just trying to survive whilst also trying to help others, grieve for their dead and protect their children. Our staff on the ground there have described the city as 'like having an earthquake in every street.'

Amidst the destruction our teams have continued to provide water, hot meals, medicine, hygiene and dignity kits to those who most need it. Where and when we can we have organized some respite 'fun' activities for the children orphaned and traumatized by the constant bombardment and fighting.

Child standing in front of a destroyed building in Gaza

Child standing in front of a destroyed building in Gaza

Our senior aid worker there writes

‘’Despite our pain, I am very happy to help these families and provide them with what we can. When I see the smile on the faces of children and families after they receive the aid we provide, it makes me so happy, it is like a balm that heals the wounds of my heart.

Alhamdulilah, we are still helping and we will continue to help the displaced thanks to our donors and kind people, and I call upon them in these critical times and hours that our people are going through to continue their support because this support is the lifeline for these grieving families. May Allah bless all our donors, and may Allah reward them abundantly for helping the Palestinian people and my wounded country.’’

Bringing joy in the midst of hardship

We cannot thank you enough for the generosity you have shown so far. But we need to keep up that work and continue the support we all give, together.

Soup being distributed in Gaza

Soup being distributed in Gaza

Trusted since 1991

There is no end in sight at this time but we are fully committed to the vulnerable people of Gaza in their darkest hours. We have been there for 32 years and we are standing shoulder to shoulder with our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Don't let this blessed day pass by without taking action. Thank you.

Child drinking water

Child drinking water

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