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On the ground in Gaza: the struggle to survive

Yet another heart-wrenching tragedy has unfolded in Gaza, with the Jabalia refugee camp and its surroundings enduring devastating airstrikes yesterday and now today. Nowhere is safe.

Sister Sharine from our Gaza team spoke to us yesterday on the extraordinary hardships everybody has to deal with in every aspect of their lives. She says...

“People in the region are grappling with the basic needs of survival, including access to food, water, shelter, and electricity. What one observes on the streets is a multitude of cars, each loaded with passengers, along with numerous blankets and mattresses piled on top. They are all heading towards the central and southern cities in search of safety.

It's essential to note that there are many families who have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict. These families are finding shelter wherever they can, often under whatever makeshift cover they can find. The situation is particularly very bad in the schools operated by humanitarian agencies, which are at full capacity. In an astonishing show of solidarity, some families who have not been displaced are accommodating at least one displaced family, and, in some cases, apartments are accommodating as many as four displaced families.

Essential commodities are in scarce supply. Finding bread can be a stroke of good luck, but getting bread (and keeping it) can prove equally challenging. Water is such a precious commodity. Finding clean water is very hard and you would considered extremely lucky if your neighbour had access to a water-well. Stores are running low on food supplies, and people are crowded into shops, standing shoulder to shoulder, hoping for something.

The most distressing moments are when someone receives an evacuation call in the middle of the night. Women and children rush to find shelter, running through the streets in search of a safe place.

The psychological impacts of the war are extremely challenging. It's a situation that's difficult to understand unless you're experiencing it in person, and this time feels even more tiring than any previous period of conflict we have lived through.

Please pray for us as every moment we think we are next!”

Race for survival in Gaza

Race for survival in Gaza

The Prophet, upon him be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

For 30 years, we have been on the ground in Palestine. Our local team in coordination with our global UN partners understand local needs and protocols in the region, allowing us to procure top-quality supplies at affordable prices, maximizing the impact of your donations. Every day, we are on the ground delivering your aid. Your continued support is a lifeline for Palestinian families trapped in Gaza right now.

Please, donate as little or as much as you possibly can to help the people of Gaza.

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