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Celebrating International Women's Day 2020

This month, Human Appeal is remembering the pioneers, the changemakers and the trailblazers of the past and present. So far, we’ve shared the stories of women who have been the first in their fields, like Cornelia Sorabji. We told you about Ann Makosinski, who used her privilege for the good of others and Majd Mashharawi, who couldn’t stop her neighbourhood crumbling, but could help to rebuild it.

This International Women’s Day, we want to reflect on tomorrow. All over the world, girls face extreme adversity and hardship. And yet, every day, they’re proving they can overcome the unimaginable.

Against All Odds

Orphaned as a baby in Bangladesh, Mukta could have been one of the many girls unable to pursue an education. Thanks to her sponsorship through Human Appeal, Mukta was able to continue on in school and when we met her at 22, she was using her education to provide free tuition to local children in need, all whilst she works towards a career in teaching.


In Syria, 8 year old Rayan was playing hide and seek, when a bombshell hit her home. She lost both her sister and her arm in the blast, and severely injured her leg. Human Appeal, in partnership with Green Lane Mosque, placed Rayan with a specialist in a Turkey hospital. Now, fitted with a prosthetic arm, she undergoes physiotherapy so she can one day walk to her mother’s side again.

Mahnoor’s father was murdered when she was only a few months old, his killer walking free to this day. Feeling the loss and hardship her family experienced as a result of her father’s death, she embarked on a path into law, an option afforded to her due to her sponsorship through Human Appeal. Resolved to become a lawyer, Mahnoor intends to work so no one should have to face the same injustice again.

Be a Part of their Journey

You have the power to help girls realise their potential and tackle the obstacles of their circumstance. Through our Orphan Sponsorship programme, Human Appeal ensures that all the essential needs of a child are met so that they can focus on an education and eventually lift themselves out of poverty. Our Livelihoods projects enable vulnerable people to take control and provide for their family for generations, in a dignified, sustainable way.

This International Women’s Day, join Human Appeal as we celebrate girls just like Mukta, Rayan and Mahnoor.

Bold. Brave. Brilliant.

The women of tomorrow.

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