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Human Appeal opens a new orphanage in Turkey with the help of Green Lane Masjid

Donations from the congregation of a Birmingham mosque have helped hundreds of orphaned children to rebuild their lives after fleeing the devastating conflict in Syria.

Thanks to the generosity of Green Lane Masjid (GLM), Human Appeal has now opened a brand new orphanage in Turkey. It will give 240 orphans and 40 widows a safe place to call home, and also provide them with physical and emotional support.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes. Many have crossed over into countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, seeking safety from the airstrikes and artillery fire.

When members of Green Lane mosque visited Turkey for the opening of the new orphanage, they were deeply affected by the resilience of the children they met. Despite the horrors these little ones have seen, they were still smiling and ready to welcome the visitors with open arms.

‘Heartbreaking’ stories from Syrian refugees

Councillor Majid Mahmood also joined Green Lane Masjid donors on their trip to Turkey. He brought winter aid packs, containing coats, gloves and socks, plus gifts of toys and sweets for the children.

Councillor Mahmood met four young children with a paralysed mother who required constant care. He said: “The 13-year-old sister is taking the role of mother and father, looking after three children. She has no choice. They are similar ages to my own children, it was heartbreaking.”

Syrian refugees need your help

In Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, Human Appeal is on the ground providing vital aid to Syrian refugees. As the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate for families trapped in the war-torn country, we are distributing emergency supplies to those who need it most.

The cold winter months are a living nightmare for families in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan. Bitter cold, wind, snow and rain invade tents and makeshift shelters. Vulnerable parents have to make the terrible choice between keep their children warm or finding them food to eat. For many families, affording both fuel for heating and food is impossible.

Just £65 provide a family of four with enough nutritious food to keep them well-fed for a whole month. £165 will support a family with the food they need, and keep them warm with winter clothing, blankets, mattresses and heating fuel. £250 will provide a family with shelter to keep them safe from the freezing cold.

Displaced families in Syria and Syrian refugees desperately need your help. Their lives hang in the balance this winter.

You can stop winter killing today.

Donate to our Winter Appeal

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