The power of our admin fee

Faryal Minhas

Meet Faryal. She lost all in Yemen. Now she dedicates her life to empowering others. Our admin fee helps Faryal to ensure that her projects are ethical and impactful.

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The power of our admin fee: protecting children and increasing impact

Our admin fee helps us to transform our impact, making every penny go even further. It also allows us to ensure our work is ethical, compassionate, and always focused on those who need support.

Meet Faryal Minhas, she has been part of the Human Appeal family for five years, first as the Orphans and Child Welfare Manager, and later as the Country Director of Pakistan and Iraq.

Our admin fee helps Faryal to ensure that her projects are ethical and impactful. It also gives her the opportunity to train our staff to be more skilled, and to improve our efficiency.

When you donate £1, only 11p goes into keeping Human Appeal running. Another 11p is put back into raising funds. But we’re proud to say that a huge 78p out of every £1 you donate, goes straight to helping the vulnerable people who need it most.

When you check the Gift Aid box you help us to keep our admin fee as low as professionally possible, keeping more of your donation for the people who most need help.

Find out what our admin fee and work mean to Faryal, in her own words below.

These figures are taken from Human Appeal’s Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2019, which have yet to be audited.

Admin costs shown reflect net expenditure after taking Gift Aid into account.

Proud of our admin

Blazing a trail for all women

I’m proud to be an example of a woman and mother who has headed two country offices, and I consider it both an achievement for myself and a reflection of Human Appeal’s values of empowerment and equality.

But it’s not about me; it’s about carving out a path that other women can tread too, and being an example of a woman who leads complex programmes for a faith based organisation.

Before Human Appeal, I worked for another organisation in Yemen. My four children and I went through the war, and we had to evacuate by sea. I lost all my belongings, my valuables were stolen, and my children lost all their toys and keepsakes from their childhood.

There are times, when I’m working late hours through the night, when I feel guilty being apart from my children. But my work supports them, and helps to look after children who don’t have a parent to worry about them too. Now that my children are getting older, they’re proud of the work I do.

Protecting children, improving efficiency and training staff

Protecting vulnerable children is my passion, and I consider all the children I help part of my extended family. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to deliver sponsorship to vulnerable children and to witness the transformative effect it has on their lives. Right now, our supporters help us to sponsor 12,000 orphaned children in nine countries.

As the Child Welfare Manager, I developed global child protection protocols to ensure that the most vulnerable children are safe from harm. We make sure that all children we help or work with are safeguarded by the highest protection standards, which we evaluate frequently and thoroughly.

As the Country Director in Pakistan, I overhauled and improved productivity, process and policies, which I’m now doing in my position at the Iraq office. In the last three years in Pakistan, our projects have helped farming communities, supported school attendance and installed sustainable water sources in drought-hit communities. We’ve trained tens of people in the sustainable management water sources, livestock and livelihoods, providing them with the skills to support their families for years to come.

Our admin fee ensures that we’re able to work with trailblazers like Faryal, who transform productivity, and use their skillset – such as child rights and welfare – to ensure our work is impactful, compassionate, and always focused on the needs of those we help.

How have Faryal and colleagues helped in Pakistan?

Installed 30 water wells for 29,000 people-experiencing drought in Tharparkar

Training 10,000 people on agro-ecological, climate smart and low cost agriculture

Providing hot meals and Ramadan food parcels to 12,338 people in 2019 alone

Improving food security by providing food and nutritional education to 500 women

Installing 7 solar-powered water pumps

Distributed nutritional Qurbani meat to 4,300 families in 2019

Conducting computer training for 1,155 teachers and students to improve education

Providing 120 widows with livestock to create sustainable livelihoods

Improved primary school attendance and supported enrolment for 700 children

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our admin fee, and that you’re proud of the punch that it packs. Please support our work. Donate to our admin fee and reap the blessings of this Sadaqah Jariyah for many years to come.

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