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Live Appeal: Turkey - Syria Earthquake Appeal

Tonight, join us on Islam Channel Bangla SKY 784 from 8pm, for our Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Two new powerful earthquakes have hit the Turkey-Syria border today, 2 weeks after the devastating quakes on February 6 that killed at least 47,000 people. Join us tonight to help earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria with lifesaving humanitarian aid.

£55 - Medical Support Help provide urgent medical support for 10 people at our Mobile Health Clinics.

£100 - Hot Meals & Food Packs Help provide 200 meals for people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

£250 - Al Imaan Hospital Care Provide 25 people with life-saving medical care at our Al Imaan Hospital in northern Syria.

£550 - Survival Pack & Tent Support 1 family (5 people) with an emergency survival pack and tent to stay warm and sheltered from the cold.

£1,100 - 2 x Survival Pack & Tents Support 2 families (10 people) with an emergency survival pack and tent to stay warm and sheltered from the cold.

£3,000 - Build a Home in Syria Provide one family (5 people) with a house built by Human Appeal. Each home has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a lavatory, and a foyer, built on a concrete foundation.

News reports state people are trapped under the rubble after the latest earthquake and there are reports of people injured.

Authorities have recorded more than 6,000 aftershocks since that earthquake hit, but the residents in the region said today's tremor felt much stronger than previous ones.

Residents remain in the streets fearing for their lives and a number of buildings left standing following the quakes 2 weeks ago have now sadly crumbled.

The situation on the ground is catastrophic with thousands of buildings destroyed and thousands of people displaced in freezing temperatures without even the basics needed to survive.

Our teams on the ground have been working around the clock since the earthquake struck, delivering aid, and doing everything they can to save precious lives.

However, the need on the ground in both Turkey and Syria is huge. We must upscale our response but can only do so with your support.

Please join us tonight and help us continue delivering vital aid on the ground to Syrians in desperate need.

We will be live from Syria

Our colleagues are in Syria right now and will be aiming to go live with them on the ground.

Save lives tonight.

Donate today.

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*Prophet Muhammad said: “Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy upon you.”*

Source - Al-Tirmidhi

Tune in now – we’re live all evening, telling you how your money can make a difference.

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