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Global Emergencies

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Helping the Vulnerable Fight Poverty

At Human Appeal, we work hard throughout the year helping vulnerable communities to fight poverty. By investing in sustainable livelihoods, education and training, and providing access to water, healthcare and improved sanitation, Human Appeal are empowering vulnerable people to lift themselves out of poverty.

But we are there too, when families are caught up in conflict, or cut-off by natural disasters, working quickly and efficiently to bring help to where it's most needed, when it is most needed.

When you donate to our Global Emergencies Fund, you ensure that when disaster strikes, we can get to work immediately by providing water, food and shelter to survivors.

Sadly, many crises do not end as quickly as they begin, which is why we continue to work in affected areas until we are no longer needed.

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How Does Our Disaster Emergency Appeal Help?

The first hours following a crisis are crucial. The Global Emergencies Fund provides contingency funds so that when, for example, a flooding occurs, we can hit the ground running, using local knowledge and expertise to deliver food, clean water and hygiene kits to those most in need – before we even send out our first public appeal for that specific emergency.

What Does Your Contribution Go Towards?

Once we start receiving funds from a dedicated appeal set up for disaster relief – in this example a flooding – we use them to expand our work to other areas in need, as well as increasing our response depending on local needs. If schools are closed, we can provide a temporary shelter for education. If homes are destroyed, we can provide shelter in safe areas.

Continue to Donate and Keep Saving Lives

Then, once the floods recede, we work with local communities to strengthen them against future disasters by improving their water sources, setting up natural disaster warning systems, and building shelters in safe areas. Donate to our Global Emergencies Fund and ensure that – whatever the crisis – Human Appeal’s emergency responders can be there to support a community in its time of need.

Human Appeal works locally and with partners in 22 countries. Currently, we are responding to five devastating emergencies, each of which present unique challenges and needs.

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