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Dhul Hijjah

Gaza Emergency Appeal

In these blessed first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, be a beacon of mercy for Palestinians in Gaza enduring unbearable violence. Your generous donation can provide shelter, long-life food, medicine, and clean water to families struggling to survive.

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Provide 20 people with enough drinking water for an entire month – that’s 3,000 litres of clean water.

Help us feed 1,100,000 people facing famine in Gaza

100% donation policy with Gift Aid

“There is no deed more greatly rewarded in the sight of Allah than the good deed that is done in the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.” - (Bukhari)

Be a mercy to Gaza this Dhul Hijjah

£96 – Provide 20 people with 3,000 liters of clean drinking water for an entire month.

£65 – DOUBLE YOUR DONATION - Provide a month-long food parcel to a family, ensuring nourishing meals.

£60 – Supply a woman or girl with a menstrual hygiene kit.

£45 – Provide medical treatment for 3 people at our clinic.

£40 – Give Palestinian children a joyous Eid party with toys, food, and clowns.

£35 – DOUBLE YOUR DONATION - Offer 7 hot meals to those facing starvation in Gaza.

Over 36,439 people have been killed and more than 82,000 injured after 8 months of relentless bombing. Survivors face rising risks of disease and infection amidst utter destruction. As the ummah, it is our sacred duty to alleviate their suffering.

Our Impact and Experience

For 32 years, Human Appeal has been working tirelessly in Gaza. Since October, we have delivered over £5 million worth of aid, helped 709,034 people during Ramadan, and our desalination plant produces 52,000 liters of clean water every hour. Our mobile clinic treats 70 people daily, moving between UN school shelters.

Your support has helped us aid over 1.7 million people in Gaza. Your charity this Dhul Hijjah can save more lives.

Zakat applicable

Our work in Gaza is Zakat-applicable. Use our easy-to-use Zakat calculator to determine your contribution. Trust in our decades of experience and deep connections in Gaza to ensure your charity makes a profound impact.

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Gaza Emergency Appeal - A promise of hope

Yazan’s story: Gaza’s children dying of hunger

Give mercy. Save lives.

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